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fire insurance exchange

Posted bymartha figueroa 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
fire insurance exchange
Product/Service Descriptionclaim # 1009430161
Warranty Status
Complaint Details
Reason for Complaint 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company Employeewayne luke, john martin, ron richards,pamela allen, jeffrey spurlock 
Complaint Details

Claims Management Group Public Adjuster TOM DELAHUNTY tried to settle the claim with Special Claims Representative WAYNE LUKE from the Los Angeles Mold Claim office (FARMERS INSURANCE), (661) 900-2525 FAX 1-877-2171389 4 (four) days after the fire, with out a incident report from the Redlands Fire Department, nor a proper investigation . CMG forge my ex-husbands initials and signature on the contract to present to the insurance company. Tom Delahunty lied to my mortgage company by stating that there was no structural damage to the property and the repairs consisted of drywall repair, painting and replacing the carpet. Tom Delahunty forgot to mention the demolition of the master bedroom and the master bathroom, the replacement of the electrical panel, replacement of the water heater, and the window upgrades required by the city of Redlands building department. Claims Management Group hired
INDEPENDENT HOUSING SOLUTIONS, LLC, LOCATED IN VICTOR NEW YORK, Delailah said that they were going to find us a rental home. We stayed at the hotel because I dint have the $3,500 t o pay for the deposit. For a rental home, I was given a $5,000 advance, my family and I only had the clothes on our back, there was 8 of us I had no choice, but to buy food that was all ready prepared (fast Food) how was I going to buy food for my family and buy them clothes and their necessaries and pay a $3,500 deposit for a home, if all I received was $5000
Therefore, we stayed in a hotel. All this company did for us was moved us from a hotel in Redlands to a hotel in San Bernardino further away from school, and from home, that was lots more gas I was driving a truck.
By 2/04/07, Wayne Luke issue 4 checks for the amounts of $1,400 $1,400, $4,400 and $10,089 a total of $ 17,289 he had no problem making out this checks to this company.
207 West Crowther Ave # E Placentia Ca. 92870 (714) 577-0441 Fax (714) 557-0442
To clean and restore the non-damage contents, and stored them until our home would be ready to move back inn. Reliable contents were to help prepare the loss inventory list for payment from farmers insurance.
They did not help to prepared anything, they did help, and they help them selves by taking some of my personal items and made them disappear. RCRS invoice was for $25,604.55 Wayne Luke issued a check to them to them, even do I told him that some of my very personal items were missing. Items that I wont be able to replace I called Karlos Benavides owner of RCRS, and told him about the missing items, his response was Anna was terminated, she is not with this company any more. Until this day, he has not taken responsibility for his employee wrong actions nor has he offered to pay for the stolen items.
I went to there storage facility to view my contents, my items all scatter, some are just in a big pile as if there ready to be burn, they charge to store 200 boxes with contents that they refuse to show me what is in the boxes
I own a new washer and dryer, but I have to go wash and pay to wash some were else, because they are stored with RCRS. I have a son with SPINA-BIFIDA he is incontinent not being able to wash at home makes it very hard.
FRSTeam fabric Restoration Service by Custom Commercial was hired by RCRS for cleaning of our linens and clothing items
138434 Bettencourt ST Cerritos CA 90701 (562) 407-5301 Fax (562) 407-5331
This companyís first invoice was $ 4,017.72, second invoice $3,157.85. I received a new invoice for $4,807.55 that is $1,649.70 difference, storage fees. FRSTeam Received a Payment of $4,017.72 FAX (562) 407-5331
For the firs invoice in which included delivery charges, the items are still in their possession, they received full payment, but they fail to deliver the items. They received the payment 14 months ago the items should have been deliver, 14 months ago. The second invoice, the items are very similar to the first invoice.
Example (1) Blouse/black (2) Blouse/black, brown, stripes
(1) Blouse/Black, purple, floral (2) Blouse/back, purple, animal print, silk, rayon.
Same item, just a few description changes. This is unethical, unprofessional, unreasonable, pure greed.
On 2/2007, Wayne Luke refuse to pay for the hotel charges, that money was taken from my credit card, Wayne Luke he is aware of the charges . I have provided documents stating the charges , a letter send to me by the manager from the Residence Inn, in San Bernardino stating the charges made to my credit cards , also has been ignore.
Wayne Luke actions from the beginning of this claim have being unethical unprofessional, he acted in bad faith.
I have not received full payment from farmers, the injustice this company has done to my family and I cant no longer be ignored.
The turmoil and emotional and financial distress we have suffer due to Wayne Lukeís unethical and unprofessional actions have been unbearable at times, It is unbelievable, that a company you trust is capable of committing such horrible acts, .
My pleadings for help to my agent Ron Richards have been all ignored.
My cry out for help to Wayne Lukeís different Supervisors, asking them to review my claim and help me having cut short by telling me that I having paid the total amount for my claim.
I have copies of worksheets were it shows how Wayne Luke has altered information and the numbers in the claim, I also have copies of check numbers issued to me and cancel, by Wayne Luke he also claims making a payment of $10,263.52 for my loss inventory, payment that I have never received, nor has he been able to provide a copy of such check.
Wayne Luke acted in bad faith bad faith with my claim and his supervisors and even an attorney that have cover up his wrong doings, the documents I have provided to prove Wayne Lukeís wrong doing , have being ignored, by responding with misleading information that I dint send or does not apply to the issues I present to hem.
Farmers s attorney Jeffrey M. Spurlock Laguna Beach, CA. has also try to cover up for Wayne Lukeís unethical and unprofessional actions, I have accused Mr. Wayne Luke of committing FRAUD, and EMBEZZLING of funds and farmers does not seems to consider , Wayne Lukeís actions as being wrong instead they seem to agree with his behavior ,as if they are part of everyday , at the office working ethics, and professional standards
This mention Companies are a clan they are the real gangsters ,that together, take advantage of the situation to rip people off, I have not receive back , any of the personal the items taken from my home, after 17 months the clothing taken is probably to no use to us any more children do grow rapidly.
I donít have the money to hire an attorney to represent me with this claim, thatís why farmers and their attorney
Ignore my many phone calls, letters and faxes , thatís why Iím asking for your help, I want them to know that I will tell of their wrong doing , I will ask for the publics help, I also need some one to help me write a message to this companies , on top of my roof, I am tired of being ignored.
My financial situation is not very good, Iím behind on my mortgage, an this pleople dont give a dam about what happens to me or my family

this are the real gangsters, they are a clan, of white-collar crime 

Solution of your complaintfarmers has a responsability to their policy holders, and clients to act in good faith and all actions taking on a claim, have to to be fair, and consistent with agreed principles and correct moral conduct, failing to do so, the remedy in this case is full payment of my policy coverage 
Actionreport their actions to redlands police department , and san bernardino district attoneys office file criminal charges against them, find a contingency fee attorney and file civil law suit. 
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