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Product/Service DescriptionICICI CREDIT CARD
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Complaint Details

This is to inform you that i had received my credit card statement for the month of 11-06-2008 my minimum amount due was 3, 780.00 and went to the icici bank to make the payments when i had cash of 4, 000 thats like 1, 000 each i was in the payment counter when i gave him the cash in the cash slip cashier said that he/she doesnt have change to give me back so i told him that i dont have change but he/she in the cash counter told me that you can make a payment of 3, 500/ and the remaining 280/ will reflect on your credit card statement for the next month and i did trust him and made the payment and after few days i had called ICICI bank to check my balance on my card they told me that i have any balance of 10, 000 which i can use it and on 25-06-2008 i got a call from ICICI in which the female who had callled me told that i have to make the payment i told i havent received the statement yet and my due date ids on july 10 but the female was not worried about my concern she was instiating on my payments of 280 which was due for last month statement i informed her what ever happend and why i did not pay the 280 but she told me that i going to send a representive to colect the cash but i refused it and she used some abuse languages on me and hung up and later on 26-06-2008 i not able to use my card in which i had a balance of 1, 200 still left on my card when i call the customer service and informed about it they still tel me make a payment of 5, 000 to get my card activated but i havent received any statement till now in which i had to undergo a very bad situation with the bank .i request some one to take action against this.

Solution of your complainti dont have to pay any extra charges like a late payement fee or extra interest rate been charged since wrong information given by the bank and obscene language used by the customer service some action has to be taken against ICICI BANK they cheat customers  
Actionif any action is not taken then Customers are simply helpless... but i will definitely move to consumer court.... .........? 
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