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Posted byAruna Sen 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
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Product/Service DescriptionPhilips, DVD Mini HiFI System, FWD 570
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating9(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMr. Deepak Saha 
Complaint Details

Philips, India
I am Mrs. Aruna Sen, 66yrs old, my son Shivaji gifted me this music system FWD 570 (on 22Oct. 2005) for my old age recreation but now it has become a headache/tension for me.
This system was giving trouble from the beginning but it was intermittent for both CD & Cassette part. When the service engineer visited (3times within guaranty period), I told him about the problems, he replied, these were not serious; it might be for some CD etc, etc.…. He could not or did not find out real cause of this intermittent problem. Perhaps it was his ignorance or it might be the policy anyway to pass warranty/guaranty period.

Now from Oct 2007 problems become acute in the CD drive. Sometimes it reads, cannot play, changes to next CD, gradually frequency increases and showing ‘RESET’(why?), it goes to no working condition, this time even cassette part cannot be operated.

For this trouble I have contacted several Executives of Philips, after consulting, Mr. Deepak Saha, Philips Ex in charge of Noida, told me, I would have to pay the service charge & Philips would give the materials. He assured me that he would supervise the repair. But the system worked for a week.
I contacted Mr. M.E.Joseph when Mr. Saha avoided my call. Mr. Joseph tried to help me and Mr.S. Bhaduria of Delhi instructed Noida service center to repair it. But after several attempts they could not do anything.
At last Mr. Bhaduria gave me assurance & told me to hand over the system to the service center, Noida (26 Mar 2008) & within a few days he would arrange to send a new one. But three weeks passed I have not got any thing. I am sure, service center is making experiment with my system & gaining experience. I cannot contact Mr. Bhaduria & the customer care not say any thing.
I do not know why I am harassed in this way. If this request letter reach you, please help me by changing this defective model with a new one. I had great faith in Philips from my child hood, please try to keep it. We the customers are very much helpless & we have to depend on your mercy though we are most important part of a business.
With regards
Aruna Sen
(Last complain no 25417)
Mob. 9891258959
Land line 01202585410

Solution of your complaintAs promised by M/s Philips, ( Mr. Satyandra Bhaduria, Mr. Deepak Saha) that they would replace the full unit, with model FWD-573 
ActionNot yet decided. 
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