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Posted byHimanshu MIttal 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Product/Service DescriptionCredit Cards
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating1(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeHDFC BANK (CREDIT CARD DIVISION) 
Complaint Details

Hi .. my name is Himanshu MIttaI. I had a HDFC debit card (4388 2425 0251 8685) with me from last 2 years and have always got excellent services. so , I applied for the HDFC credit card(**** 5210 0475 4182) expecting the same level of service. I have used the same credit card a number of times any never had any problems but 5 months ago , I used the cc to book train tickets online which worked fine , and for the first time I didnt receive my statement for the cc , i called in customer service after waiting for a number of days asking for the cc bill so that i can save myself from the late payments , I was told that i will rec the bill next month and there would be no late charges as it was the banks error , i agreed . After 1 month i called up again asking for the statement but was given the same answer that it will be sent next time ,but when i asked for a supervisor to resolve my query the agent named Priyanka , she changed her mind and said that she will send me a duplicate statement for the same as they are not able to send the original statement due to a technical error. I was informed by her that i will not be charged any late fees and the statement will only have the bill for the amount i actually spent , I waited for the next 7 days and finally i got the duplicate bill , but i saw late payment charges on the bill , I called up customer service and was informed that the extra charges will be waived off in the last quarter of the year , being unaware of the banks policies i agreed and paid the amount that i used for the booking , after that every month i saw my cc bill amount increasing because of the increasing late payment charges which i ignored as i was informed that they will be removed at the end of the year , now this amount has increased upto Rs 7000 and i was still waiting for the bank to fulfill their promise , but what they did is , they debited Rs 4500 from my salary account which i had with my company , i called the customer service n number of times to explain what wrong information was given to me but no one is ready to listen to me , the only question I have is , why shoud i pay for the late charges of Rs 4500 when its not my fault and why didnt i receive my statement on time in the first case. I have those duplicate statements with me as a proof . Please help me "my woes" , these credit cards companies first force you to apply for the cc and then they fraudulently bill you for bogus amounts , i have already been charged for Rs 700 for 2 different banks as my 2 checks have bounced just because of this fraud... i am just 22 years old and work hard to pay my higher education fees as i belong to a mid class family and my parents can not afford my furthur studies. It may sound a very nominal amount to you but for a student like me it is a very big amount , I beg of you.... i ll be very thankful to you for your kind efforts... thankyou again !!

Himanshu Mittal

Solution of your complaintI should get reimbursed for the amount fraudulently deducted from my ATM Rs 4500 and also for the RS 700 i paid from my pocket for the 2 bounced checks, as now i have understood that these companies first of all do not send bills on time and make false promises to their customers and then charge large bills on the name of late charges.... if i would have got my bill on time on the first place i would have paid the bill or if i would have been given correct info. by the customer service people , the issue had never occured , 
Actionit may sound a nominal amount for you people but for me it is a huge amount as it is my 1 month institute fees , and i will take all steps to get my money back , i ll go to consumer forum if the issue does not gets resolved , please help me .. i ll be highly obliged. thanks ... 
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