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Posted byRakesh Ranjan 
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Product/Service DescriptionIFB WASHING MACHINE ELENA
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
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Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating9(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeManager Gujarat Mr.Ronak and Mandar , Ahmedabad 
Complaint Details

Copy of mail sent to IFB ahmedabad , Mumbai and consumer forums attached.

Dear Sirs,

This is further to my mail to you of 2nd Aug 2008. ( Copy attached)

The officer ,National Consumer Redressal commission Email :

Hon’ble Mr. Justice N. G. Nandi,Pesident,Email:
Vadodara District Consumer Forum: 0265 2422098

Inspection of Machine and Drum( replaced by IFB Service station) done by a separate agency:

Further to my mail and correspondence exchanged with IFB Company regarding the repair of the machine ( Not under AMC), As mentioned I had visited a famous established shop for in Vadodara ( more than 10 years old and very reliable shop which also sells spares and repairing for washing machine) and got the machine and Drum ( which was changed by IFB as damaged) and these are his observations:

Observations of engineer on our machine & Drum:

a) As out complaint was only vibration and some time noise in spinning, He is confirmed that only alignment was suppose to be done and should cost us max couple of hundred rupees.

b) As the machine as opened , he had suggested to get the seal and ball bearing changed ( As the same are getting worn out and may give trouble soon) and the machine would be trouble free for next 4-5 years which we will be immediately undertaking. the total cost of the same will not exceed Rs.500-600 rupees.

c) The Durm was just perfect and does not have even a scratch and there is absolutely no damage to the drum. He has added this drum is good for life long as is of very very good standard. It is only the seal and ball bearing that can have problem.

Dear Sirs,

It is proved beyond doubt that the company IFB through its service center is running a racket to trap customers and force them to take AMC and charge unnecessary and charge incorrect rates for fake repairs. I am a live example of the same. It is not that Rs.2500 odd amount of repairs are bothering us but we are aware of our rights and therefore we have decided to contest the case. I have doubt that the drum was also changed only after we had mentioned that we would be getting the machine checked.

We are challenging the IFB company to contest us as we are rejecting their repairs and will be doing the same not through IFB service station as they are cheating the consumer. Rather we will be getting the old drum refitted from another vendor along with new seal and ball bearing on TUESDAY.

We are giving one day time to IFB company to contest us if they want. We will invite the company representative to come and visit us on Wednesday ( with prior appointment) to see if the same was running perfect or not and to prove the repairs carried was not up to the standard or correct.

This mail is an advance intimation to IFB for contesting me in my claim is they can. We are also giving an advance intimation to IFB that we will be returning the DRUM changed by the company and we will be refitting our own Drum by our engineer on TUESDAY. We are giving one day (Monday to ensure the intimation regarding repairs of our Drum is informed to the IFB company.

We look forward to the Consumer forum to intervene and penalize the company, its service center for the wrong deed and we claim damages from the company for the following:

a) False repair done. A case of cheating , breach of trust . Only alignment was was suppose to be done. and in max case the seal could have been changed.( 400-500 rupees)
b) No rate card for service and repairs are carried by the company engineers and even after repeated request they could not provide the same.
c) Forcing us to buy AMC which we almost did?
d) Tarnishing my Image by claiming we did not want to pay as mentioned in their mail.
e) We have had no responses from company regarding the above.
f) Waste of valuable time.

g) Holding the machine and not returning the same till we threatened to go legal.
g) Inconvenience caused to us in our day to day activities.

We look forward to the commission for the speedy settlement and again inform then we reject the repair of machine and we will be getting the repair done again ourself of Tuesday. Monday has been left for company to challenge me if they can and contest me if they can.

Our lawyer will be filing the case against the company and its service center after Tuesday with required payments.

All communications with company is also attached.

Thanking you,

Rakesh Ranjan
53, Bombay Shopping Center

C.C to Mr.Hardik our lawyer. (Make a note of this communication also)

There are various mails sent to company and no response has been received from IFB. The same can be forwarded if required.


Solution of your complainta) Accept that IFB service station is cheating the consumer. b) Com pulsate us for damages details as above. Amount will be decided by our lawyer for harassment, tarnishing the image and cheating us .  
ActionWe are filing the case in Vadodara District consumer Redressal commission in next one or two days max. The lawyer is on the job  
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