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surfside motel

Posted byStephen Greene 
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surfside motel
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Complaint Details

I check in on Mon. 8/4/08 at 12 noon when we got to the room I smell gas but didnt think much about it. Later on with family when to broadwalk to meet sister. I invited her back to the room so we could get some rest. When we arrive she also said your room smell like there is a gas leak. Once the door to the room was open the smell when away. We all left to go back on the out. when we return at 900pm the smell was worsts so I when to the gentleman in change he handed me a lighter and said maybe one of the stove pilots was out and I needed just to light it. All the pilots were on except the one in the oven. I went back and told him to come light his stove was not going to take a chance with gas. He came to the room he was drunk and starting to light the lighter in the room and that there was no gas leak. Then he when back to the office. Other people pass-by the room and also said they smell gas. So I cross the street three policemen came to the room they also smell the gas and call the fire department they in turn tur the gas of and call gas co. When the police and fire men left he came up to the room and told us we were to pack our thing and get out if we didnt leave he would have the police remove us. It was 1030pm when the gas co. come and said look there is a smell of gas in the room do you want me to put back on the stove. He told him no they would check in the mourning. Then he turn to us and come to my office to get your money refunded cause I want yous out to night. I had my eight year grandson with me and new to go back home which would have been hour and half drive would be to much for him. the Name of the motel is Surfside motel 200 Terrance Seaside Hieghts NJ 08751 jTel. 732-793-1400. The good thing that night we found a better motel It was a 1130pm and the gentlemen when he heard what had happen was so kind he said after we check in the room he would call the room to make sure everything was alright with us. The name of this place is called the Sand Castle Motel 124 Hamilton Ave. This place in my book is great place for someone to take there family not the Surfside the place is run down if I would have know the condition of the motel before hand would never have reserved it. I had been there in 2003, 2004 and 2005 and it was not run down has it is now the bed are falling apart hole in the walls. This place need to be check and if has someone must be being paid off.  

Solution of your complaintThis place needs a lot of repairs and the person in change at night should not be drunk . 
Action I am hoping not to have to write a formal complaite to there townhall. 
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