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Posted byR.S.Thangaraj 
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Product/Service DescriptionMobile Phonde Model No. 2600, IMEI No. 354852027888425, M/s Univercell, Chennai Invoice No. 332796 dated 21-JUL-08
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
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Name of the Company EmployeeMr. Reddy 
Complaint Details

I bought Nokia-2600 mobile from your Anna Nagar shop, Chennai on 21-Jul-08. Refer M/s Univercell TAX INVOICE NO. 332796. On 23-Jul-08, I noticed that the SIM card is not sensed intermittently and "No Service" message is coming in the cell phone. I thought that the problem is with the SIM card and hence I removed the same and inserted again. The mobile was working. I faced the same problem again and again through-out the day. I was surprised to see that the problem is automatically solved and phone works without any intervention.

I was sure that the problem lies only in the mobile phone and I lodged a verbal compliant with the dealer (M/s Univercell, Anna Naagr, Chennai) on 24-Jul-08. After verification, they told that this issue is due to the usage of BSNL SIM card. They asked me to use some other SIM card and see the difference. As per the dealer"s advise, I used Airtel SIM Card and noticed the same problem.

During my next visit on 26-Jul-08 to the dealer"s shop, after verifying the mobile, they said that the problem was with the software installed in the mobile and they had fixed it.

Inspite of the assurances, the mobile was not sensing the SIM card and I gave the mobile phone to the dealer"s shop at Anna Nagar on 30-Jul-08 for servicing (Ref: M/s Univercell JOB CARD NO. 34912 dated 30-Jul-08). The represenatatives of the shop informed me that the mobile phone would be sent to the manufacturer and problem will be fixed.

Even though the representatives told that the mobile will be returned in 2 days, they took 5 days to return. I got my mobile from M/s Univercell"s shop on 04-Aug-08 after servicing.

I faced the same problem and gave my mobile once again for servicing on 08-Aug-08, Refer M/s Univercell, JOB CARD NO. 34979. From 21-Jul-08 to 08-Aug-08, I have not used my mobile. I goy my mobile after SECOND SERVICE on 14-Aug-08 and I started facing the same problem on 15-Aug-08. M/s Nokia & M/s Univercell di not rectify the problem inspite of their assurances.

In the last 2 weeks, I am visiting your Anna Nagar shop on alternate days and my concerns are not addressed.Request you to kindly ensure that the problem is analyzed in detail and arrange for replacement of the mobile phone at the earliest.


Solution of your complaintBoth M/s Nokia & M/s Univercell should come forward and replace the mobile with new one. Also, the agencies should compenstate for the hardship caused to me in the last 1 month. 
ActionSince the problem was faced from the second day of purchasing the mobile, it is a clear cut indication of marketing substandard product. Their service level is POOR and also failed to respond to the customer complaints. The customer is taken for a ride by the manufacturer (M/s Nokia) and the dealer (M/s Univecell) by selling substandard product and substandard service. A complaint will be lodged in the consumer court on the manufacturer and the dealer, for getting necessary judgement 
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