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Posted byJasmit 
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Name of the Company EmployeeArvind 
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I have launched a complain about 3 weeks ago, stating that the Network coverage at my residence is bad, and have been following the same up at the frequency advised by the call center agents..

The update after 3 weeks is as follows..

a. The issue is not resolved
b. The call center is unable to provide me with any update on the progress other than the fact that the complain is open
c. The Agents and Managers at the call center always ask for time (24 hrs / 48 hrs) and give me a personal guarantee stating that they would have an updated after the desired period… and nothing happens..
d. After a wait of 48 hrs … when you call back .. you have a new voice… which gives you the same update as the one before…. Uses words like I understand… ( which are not demonstrated in action) … and as always buy time .. giving a personal guarantee.. because they know the probability of speaking to me again is low…
e. Today I tried reaching the same person again… (who introduced himself as the floor Manager) Mr Arvind… and though the call was transferred .. the call got disconnected after an annoying wait of 15 min.. not once but twice..
f. After a diligent follow-up… today I am given a new number … stating.. the response would be better there as yours is a company paid account ( 1800102002). The question that crosses my mind is .. why was this not done in the first place…
g. Lastly what is confidence I have in Airtel.. when you representatives and managers .. are comfortable giving personal guarantee’s which are not honored…

As a disappointment I am choosing to use a different medium to raise an Issue which is quite serious and is impacting me on multiple dimensions…… The issue as stated above is …

“ My cellphone goes dead … “No network coverage”… at my residence… almost disconnecting me from my business associates during post office hours.. and on weekends…

My complait number is "749507301"
Hope to see some resolution rather than some mechanical voice which is polite … uses his /her personal guarantees to disconnect a call.. and does nothing about the issue once the person is off the hook…



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