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Indian Railways

Posted byR Jayaram 
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Indian Railways
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Product/Service Descriptionintroduction of side middle berth in trains
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Complaint Details

The introduction of the side middle berth in the sleeper coaches of trains has made train travel a nightmare experience. The original 8-seater systems was quite comfortable and could accommodate (most of the time!) both passengers and luggage even on long-distance trains. Now with the additional side middle berth being introduced, there is a terrible squeeze. It is impossible for three persons to site and travel on the side berth, since they necessarily now have to site facing the passage and obstruct the movement of people. This leads to constant irritation and several knocks to knees and feet!
As for the person having to sleep on the side middle berth, he/she has no access to the fan or window and can barely breath in the confined space even as the person in the top berth is squeezed against the roof!
Incidentally, the side middle berth is also across the emergency window/exits! In case there is an accident or fire, there will be no easy access to these escape routes. Given the increasing number of accidents and other disasters in trains such as fires, the new berths are a virtual death sentence to passengers.
If the Railways under Minister Laloo Yadav want to earn more revenue, let them introduce more bogies to accommodate more passenger or raise fares, honestly! This introduction of a middle berth is a major fraud and hoax on the travelling public.
The night mare for long distance travel has to be experienced to be understood 

Solution of your complaint1. Remove the newly introduced side middle berth and revert to the old system of 8 berths per coupe. 2. Introduce more coaches to accommodate extra passenger 3. Increase fares to increase revenue 
ActionTake complaint on basis of safety issues to consumer court 
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