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Videocon International

Posted byRakesh Ranjan 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Videocon International
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Product/Service DescriptionVideocon Flat TV Model K29V
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for Complaint 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMr Haridas (Screen all emails of Mr Chairman) and Mr. A K Ahuja 
Complaint Details

I bought VIdeocon flat TV of 29" and when I measured this screen it was coming just 27", confirmed with my Father who is using 21" Videocon Bazooka from last 12 years - measured exactly 21", Measures my brothers Videocon 20" - it was also exactly 20". Wrote an email to Mr. Chairman and there I was in touch with Mr. Haridas (PA to Mr. Chairman V N Dhoot) and he called me and said how come this happen and then he referred me to Mr. Ahuja who is in charge of Delhi region (I have all his email corresponded with me). Now Mr. Ahuja told me that due to some specification and all it would measure 27" only. I told him that first of all there is no term or specification which can make 29" to be 27" + why and how come your two different models which my family members are using both of them measures CORRECT. Mean while weeks and weeks passed by and then he told me that either they will refund my money OR will give me any other brands of 29 (which anyhow will AGAIN measure 27" only). From that day onwards Mr. PA Haridas asked me not to call him and every time I called Mr. Ahuja he never picks my phone. Since months have already passed and today I called Mr. Ahuja from a different number and then I talked to him, told me that since we gave you the option of exchange you denied so I told him that OK lets talk about how to exchange this another 29" model, he said I will get back to you. 

Solution of your complaintEither they manufacture 29" for me for which I have paid them OR Change it with 34" Flat TV (now why I cannot demand extra inches) OR else pay me that penalty not just the refund part (time to earn) 
ActionI will move to consumer court, I suffered mental pressure in order to chase this and solve it, will ask all my friends family that they are cheaters and will never in my life recommends anyone to buy from VIDEOCON. 
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