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Reliance Communications

Posted byManisha Jain 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Reliance Communications
Product/Service DescriptionDeduction of main balance stating the company policy has changed and so the valid cards will not be valid on national holidays.
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for Complaint 
Complaint Rating7(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeCustomer Care Executives & Senior Executives 
Complaint Details

Dear Sir,

I am a RIM Customers since last 3 years no. is 9324955409, since then I have been facing several problems of wrong deductions network problems in receiving msgs from reliance phones only etc, but earliers some how I sometimes manage to get my refund and sometimes I let it go thinking not good enough to fight for such small things. But now this is converted into their routine to deduct the main balance from the prepaid recharge amount without prior information and message, when I enquired about the deduction It was informed then that due to change in company policy the amounts from your valid balance has been deducted. I had my valid SMS Pack Card on 15th August and an main balance enough, but after 7.00pm when I checked my balance an amount of Rs,20/- was deducted and after talking to C Care they told that your sms card is not active on national holidays. But then again on Ganesh Chaturthi i.e. on 03rd Sept 08, again a balance of 15 was deducted and on asking it was told it was black out day, and so sms card not active that day. Even for that Day I had no information. After asking for refund they wash their hands stating it is companies policy so we cannot refund, Even few days earlier my balance of Rs.30/- was deducted for Radio Station which had not applied for and after fighting for 30 mints it was then refunded. This is how they keep on deducting the balance and then just take the prepaid customer for granted that they can screw their money anytime by deducting any nonsence amounts. Further they say that the SMS Card wont be valid on all the festivals then are they not making mis-use of our money by offering different packs and not allowing us to use as per their wills and fancies. This is a breach of trust that first you commit and then you change your policy which is best benefitted to them and the customer who is at the looser side since we had already paid in advance so we cannot do anything but just shout and the shut down our voice that they had the power to cut our money without reasons and justifications. They are not bother to reply property. 

Solution of your complaintI have great hopes with this action that I will be getting satisfactory response from the mywoes team. Trust and faith can change the impossible to possible now it will be proven fact. 
ActionI would opt for further higher authorities that this needs to be considered as this is not merely for the nominal amount which is deducted but on ethical grounds its wrong that you change your policy any mid of the existing schemes to best suited you. 
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