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Videocon Industries

Posted bySanjay Kumar 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Videocon Industries
Organization e-Mail 
Product/Service DescriptionVideocon Split AC 1 Ton
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
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Reason for ComplaintPerformance 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
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Complaint Details

Bought a Videocon 1 Ton Split A/c.
What a big mistake.
From Day 1 it made a hell of a noise.
It rattles and you can easily hear the motor running even in the day time given that my house is on a 100 ft rd with congested urban traffic on the outside. Can u imagine what it would sound like if u were in a noiseless area. In the night it has never let me sleep in peace. I have finally grown accustomed to the noise. The best part is videocon tried replacing the unit 3 times. Each and every unit had the noise. They tried over the entire one year after purchase. Can u imagine the pain and sffering i mustve gone thru for co-ordinating all this. It took months of continuos hollering on the phone and every unit had the same noise. Then they finally admitted that it was a defect in design itself. Which wasnt there in the earlier units. Lousy service. They claim they have a 24hr customer care helpline. ITS A LIE. EVen during the daytime if ur lucky to get them on the line they act as if they are on dope and dont understand anything u say. Then they have at several occasions given service points nos that never exist. I bet you you will suffer till u find out a real service center for videocon acs. You ask any shop. They will give you nos. Those nos will all be not working or unalloted nos. Cooling is excellent during the first year. But the deteriorates in spite of us maintaining it dust free and impeccable. If you open the unit it will look like it came from the showroom. LITERALLY ! And this is the performance you get in return. BEWARE of these frauds. hey just assign some local ac mechanics to act as their authorised service centers. These service centers will be some hole in a wall or a thatched hut in a bazzar lane. Next time ill go for a samsung. 

Solution of your complaintThere is no solution. I should have gone to a consumer court in the beginning. But the Videocon staff convinced me that they will somehow sort the issue even if the warranty lapses and that i shouldnt go to court. Now im in a soup. 
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