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Indian railway

Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Indian railway
Product/Service Descriptionun necessary panalty taken with out any receipt
Warranty StatusDo not know.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintOther 
Complaint Rating1(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeGuard Boraiya and L.Shankar 
Complaint Details

Dear sir ,
I was travelling with my wife and two minor kids from pune to yashwantpur(banglore) by chalukya express ,train no. is 1017 on 09/10/08.My ticket PNR No. is 8124689772 .

At harihar station in karnataka,I get down for buying tea and snacks for my kids.By the time train started and I left every thing including my purse and rush to the train.I was literally running to catch the train .My wife saw it and pulled the chain and train stopped.
I saw that train is stopped ,so I have collected the purse.
Guard Mr.Boraiya (as he told since he was not wearing batch ) and GRP man L.Shankar was asked me to come in the guard cabin ,I have requested them to inform my wife in coach no.S10 that I am sitting in guard cabin along with them but they have nither informed not allowed me to inform them and trai startrd.My wife again pulled the chain to know where I am.Then went to the S10 Coach and told them that do,t worry I am sitting with guard and back to guard cabin.
Then they have started talk about the panalty not listen a single word from me. Treating me like a hardcore criminal even not understanding the my pouse problem inspite of repeated telling. Although my wife pulled the chain because I was running to catch the train,her intention was to avoid any accident.I am not convinced beacuse first time chain was pulled to avoid any accident.
But second time beacuse of the guard not understood the situation inspite of me telling ,please inform my family.
They have started bargain about the money .I told them I will not give any amount beacuse I do,t see my wife has done any thing wrong. Then I told them,let me talk to your incharge .I do,t know the name but I have talked someone on phone.I told him ,that although I am not convinced about penalty because probably my wife had saved my life ,I am ready to pay penalty but I want receipt.That fellow over phone told me that alright.

Then I asked them how much will be the penalty ,they told me it is Rs.1000/- .But at that time I was sitting in guard cabin I was not having the same money.I told them one of you come with me in the coach S10 ,I will pay and you give me the receipt.At davangere station I came to my coach and paid Rs.1000 to L.Shankar but after receiving the amount they have refused to give me receipt.
Again on next station ,I have inquired to the guard ,he was shouting on me in kannad language. I do,t understand kannad,I was speaking english.again train started,I went back to my coach.
Then I have received call on my mobile(No. and address I have given to them)asking me to collect the receipt from court. I told him I am staying in pune and travelling with my family ,How i can collect the receipt from court ,you sent me the receipt at my home address in pune.


Solution of your complaintA familily boarded in the train can not (rarely) pulled the chain without any sufficient reason that has to understand by the guard but Mr.Boraiya was nothing to do with this.Then what is the purpose of such facility given in the trains. 1) People like Mr.Boraiya do not deserve for such a responsible job.Because - He is highly insensitive person. - He does not know ,how to deel such situation. - He wants to earn some extra money along with Mr.Shankar. oyherwise he should give me receipt - He may have fine minimum amount ,if he had tried to understand the situation 2) I Want the receipt for the amount I have paid to guard  
ActionI am not going to take any action against railway.I am complaining about the person who is not doing his duties properly.It is my duty to inform railway about such people.such people are responsible for the loss of railway/nation.  
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