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Posted byKamlesh Kumar 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Product/Service DescriptionPuriline 2 L
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating1(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMr. Manoj Srivastava, Mr. Pathak 
Complaint Details

I am forced to write regretfully about the behavior Zero B sales team here at New Delhi. This just shows the way, how conventional Indian corporate like Zero B is still functioning the old Indian Style where they don’t respect customers sanity and force them to zenith of insanity in anger .

I would like to narrate the entire incident so that you can relate the level of harassment and economic loss that we have undergone since we decided to purchase your water purification solution.

The list of Accomplice :-

1) Mr. Manoj Shrivastava – Sales executive New Delhi area
2) Mr. Pathak - Mananger, Regional Sales office New Delhi
3) Mr. Sunil Kr Sahu- Delivery man (who brought the defective piece)

First hand the accomplice number 1 Mr Manoj Shrivastava made a false promise to deliver the product Zero B Puriline 2 L in 3 days knowing that the product is out of stock . He took Rs. 2000 advance so that we don’t run away with order and from here onwards our pain starts. We have opportunity cost involved as we spend 60 Rs /day on purchasing bottled drinking water. He is just not able to deliver the product on time however on constant prodding he sends Mr Sunil Kumar Sahu (another idiot) with a defective piece to fool us.

Mr Sahu makes all shorts of false promises and runs off delivering the piece saying that installation engineer will be here in 1 hour and install the product. He takes away the remaining payment of Rs 2750 , fooling us.

No one came and we called Mr Pathak, who again started putting all shorts of globe claiming that Zero B is Asia number 1 company and he will look into the matter and on the phone started putting some random useless gyan .

Next afternoon after constant prodding Mr Pathak sends an incompetent technician to install the defective piece. He doesn’t know how to install the piece . He experiments with the control valve by putting it on left side and then again putting on the right side, we are still unsure where that valve has to be put as there is no users manual on this. And now I will describe the piece that was supplied to us.

Model- Puriline 2 L
Make- some 6 months old inventory which white colour has turned yellowish as if it was thrown of discarded.

The product doesn’t have dispenser tap as shown in the product picture while Manoj made the sales pitch. And the biggest problem with the entire solution is that water doesn’t come out at all. It takes around 20 min for 1 litre and it has become a complete nuisance in the kitchen. The water flow direction is in the opposite direction of what the original mark is, another reason to believe that the piece supplied to us is defective.

We have been calling the entire sales team since them but they have switched there phone off. The matter relates to a serious concern as it involves drinking water, any inconvenience caused in this regard can seriously damage any citizens health.

I am regretfully force to write down this behavior of this company and if the matter is not resolved to the earliest possible we are forced to take some serious measures against the company. I am marking a CC of this mail to the Government of Delhi, Few of ZERO B Competitors and to the seniors at ZERO B.

Solution of your complaintI want my money refunded to the earliest as i dont this comanies service any more. I dont need anything else. 
ActionWill file a case against the company with all the proof 
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