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Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Product/Service DescriptionHTC P3300
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintProduct Durability 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMukesh 
Complaint Details


My Name is Tarun Mathur and I had recently purchased an HTC Mobile P3300 GPS PDA Phone from :


G-3 & 16, 1 & 17 & 2 & 11,

Community Centre, Paschim Vihar,

New Delhi – 110063, INDIA

Tel : +91-9873916327

TIN : 07430284979

Service Tax No. : AAACM0294PST001

With Book No.80 Serial No. PV/3963 on Date : 24/08/2008 through my ABN AMRO Credit Card for which I have a punched receipt as well for INR 16,700/- with HOT SPOT Care Pack which had TWO-YEAR Warranty Against Liquid and Physical Damage & One-Year Additional Service Warranty No.13337 worth INR 1,200/-. Hence have paid INR 17,900/- and was quite happy with the latest Gadget which I had always wanted to have. Since I am a salaried class youth I had divided the amount into equal monthly instalment of approx INR 5,500 for 3 months.

Unfortunately, on 30/09/2008 I had an off from my office and as I was planning to call one of my colleague at office regarding some urgent mail which needed to be reverted I suddenly realised that my mobile is not catching the Network (AirTel in my case).

I tried restarting it so that I can get the network back again but was in vain. I went to the above mentioned store from where I had purchased my mobile and explained them the Network problem which I was facing on my new mobile in about a month. The guy at shop who was a salesman named Mukesh with mobile number 9910057679 tried his best doing all sort of experiments he could do to start giving respiration to my mobile but finally surrendered.

I took a breath and Thanked God for the Additional Warranty which I took while purchasing my mobile. Hence, I told the salesperson to take care of my mobile and send it to the Service Centre.

Same being agreed upon, my mobile was given for repair and I was given a copy of Service Job Sheet, with Book number as 835, Job Sheet No as 049 dated 30/09/2008 which contained all the necessary details of my mobile and was told to check the status in 4 days.

After 4 days without mobile in hand and totally feeling handicapped I called at the customer care number given in the Service Job Sheet (Care Line No. 011 60005566 ).

I was told that the mobile has reached just a day before and it would take some 3-4 days to know the status. On 07/10/2008 I called the customer care and didn’t get any response and was told to call again after 3-4 days. The same continued till I finally had to give a bit of harsh words to the customer care executive who attended my call (Ms Snygdha) who promised to call me back.

Nothing happed...... and after one more day in agony I called back the customer care again when another executive Ms Jyoti promised me the same thing and confirmed me that she would let me know the status and after few hours I came to know that the mobile could not be fixed by the service centre and now has come to a different service centre for repair and that I should check status the next day.

Finally I called on the 17th of October 2008, when I was told that the mobile is not repairable and that I would be given a Gift voucher of Half the Market Value of that mobile which I had purchased.


Now I feel that as a customer I have been deceived by :

1. HTC Corporation – for making such false product which developed a snag which is NOT REPAIRABLE.

2. HOTSPOT – for giving false information every time and mentally harassing me for so many days and not been able to repair my mobile.

3. HOTSPOT FRANCHISE – for not at all supporting us to get back the mobile and also selling us insurance which finally I came to know has no meaning but it’s just another way of making money by selling such false insurances to customers who think that their mobile is safe for the coming years. Also, convincing customers of fraudulent promises that if anything happens to our mobile they will be there to help us out in any circumstances and provide best of their services.

Hence I would request you to kindly help me with only one chance of either providing me 100% money back or replacement of my handset with some other handset, either of the same company or of equivalent value of any other company.

Solution of your complaintI have belief that on human grounds it would be considered as a challange task. 
ActionI will be forced to take legal action and file a petition against all the 3 above mentioned parties who are involved and also go to the Consumer Court and file a petition along with other harassment and damage charges and loss of faith of Consumer who is the basis of YOUR EXISTENCE IN THIS COMPETITIVE WORLD !  
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