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Posted bydennis uy 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
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Organization e-Mailnone 
Product/Service DescriptionNokia, e66, invoice number 15357, ambassador appliances vmall branch
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMr. Lim 
Complaint Details

I would like to file a formal complaint against Ambassador Appliances Vmall Greenhills for refusal to refund money for a defective unit of cellphone nokia e66. The unit was bought yesterday for a birthday gift, and we had the agreement that I could exchange it for a nokia e71 should the receiver prefer that model instead.

When the recipient received the gift last night, we noticed it was slow to start up and kept "hanging" (not responding). When it succeeded to start up, we checked the features and functions. We then also found out the camera of the e66 was defective as black lines kept appearing on the screen. I immediately informed ambassador through text of the defects and that I will return it the next day.

Upon going to ambassador today they inspected the unit and confirmed it was slow to start up, however they were able to make the black lines disappear. When they gave it back to me, I inspected it, and saw the black lines returned. At that point, it was clear the problem was recurring and the solution was temporary, the nokia e66 was really defective. I told them I will just exchange it for the e71 and add money for it.

However they suddenly changed the price of the e71 to a higher price from the one they gave me previously and insisted that was the price they gave. Only when I got angry, did they concede and admit they did indeed give me a lower price yesterday. Seeing as we weren't going anywhere with the conversation as she kept changing what she was saying, I just requested for a refund to end the tiresome conversation.

They refused to give me a refund and told me their boss will just call me. I told her to please just refund the money as it was pointless to discuss anything anymore as they kept changing their policies and conditions to suit themselves.

Their apparent lack of integrity made it a waste of my time. I just wanted to have my money refunded at that point. I truly made a mistake to believe they have good business practice and after sales service. To think I was willing to pay more for the nokia e66 from Ambassador as I thought being a more established store, after sales service would be better. What a terrible mistake that was! Their after sales service is worse than at the tiangge stalls. Even the people there surely aren't as uneducated, offensive and shocking as Mr. Lim when addressing issues such as these.

Mr. Lim reached me on my mobile and shouted at me and arrogantly told me he will not refund the money nor give me the satisfaction of buying the unit from someone at a cheaper price and I should just sue him because he doesn't care. He kept saying "so what?" which made me wonder what his purpose in calling me is.

He launched a tirade and accused me of dropping the phone and causing its defects. At this point I realized how unethical he was and he called to intimidate me. It was clear he was willing to say anything just so he will not refund my money.The unit has no scratches and dents that should have appear if indeed it was dropped. Furthermore it was already inspected by their staff earlier today when I brought it in for exchange and they can attest it was in the same condition I got it yesterday.

You can say I was truly shocked at the unbecoming behavior of Mr. Lim. I expected more from him and not the callous, brute behavior he exhibited as I gave him utmost respect, as I give all elders, as imbibed to me by my parents.

I truly feel disgust for his bad character and going about this in such bad taste. I pity him that he will resort to lying and stoop and lower himself just to cheat someone from a few more pesos. A company's name is so important, especially for a retail store like his where your name should be worth its weight in gold. Going back on your word to earn a few more bucks and deceiving people is totally not worth it for the price of a stinking name and a rotting soul.

Solution of your complainta full refund in the soonest possible time 
Actionwould appreciate any advice on this as this is the first time i've encountered such 
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