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Tata Indicom

Posted byJoe 
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Tata Indicom
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Product/Service DescriptionWIMAX Internet Service - Tata
Warranty StatusDo not know.
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Complaint Details

I have been using Tata broadband service from 2006 till date. During the period Oct 2006 to June 2008 I use to have the Tata wired broadband service, during this period I have opened nearly 50 to 60 complains for no service or bad service issues. It was like every 15 days the connection will be down for more that 2 day and the response from Tata's service teams was very very bad. Tired with this in June 2008 I shifted to their wimax service, for the first 3 months things were all fine and then the problem started. I am paying Rs 2000+ for a 512 kbps unlimited plan but my bandwidth that I get during the night time is 100+kbps.

This problem started for me from Oct 9, 2008 till date it is not been fixed, every time I call the customer care I get a new fault booking number, the funny thing is the ticket will get closed in 3 days with out any resolution to the problem. For the above problem from Oct 9 till date I have got 4 different ticket numbers but no solution to my problem.

My question to you -
1. Is there something that I can do, why is it difficult to make sure that the customers get the service that they pay for !
2. My thinking is very simple, if I have an obligation to make my payments on time then the service provider should also be accountable for the service provided. Currently the situation is customer has all the obligation and the service provider has non, but has the right to charge me even if the service is not rendered to me.
3. Why are the customer situation so helpless, don't we have any rights
4. Can't we make sure that the service providers are properly punished for cheating the customers. Taking money and not providing the service is nothing but cheating ?



Solution of your complaintProvide me the service for which I am paying, is a reliable, usable 512kbps internet connection 
ActionSue Tata and get money back with damages. 
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