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Sony India

Posted byDurgesh 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Sony India
Organization e-Mail 
Product/Service DescriptionSony W110 cybershot
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating1(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMr A. B. 
Complaint Details

I have used sony products all my life but lately thier products are giving repair issues. i purchased a Sony Cybershot Digital camera on 21st oct 2008 and had gone for vacation following where i realised there was a problem with the LCD

After coming for vacation I had gone to the sony service centre in Andheri Kurla Road (east ) on 5th Nov where i gave my newly purchased sony cybershot digital camera for repairs, i was informed that the LCD was damaged someone from the customer service centre will call me and they took a copy of my 3 years warranty and invoice copy.

Someone called me in the evening stating that the repair charges will have to borne by me but i said this is in warranty and i barely used the piece and there was absolutely no extrenal damage to the piece then how come th LCD has got damaged and from the very first day i ahd been experiencing problems of distorted image and later on it aggravated and i could not see any images, to that they replied that its not their fault and if LCD is damaged the customer will have to pay i asked please look in to the matter and get me a waiver if possible or if its not my mistake then i will have to take some action.

Later i got an sms stating that the charges are Rs3395 for which i called them up many times as the phone was coming exchanged. i said the amount is exhorbitant why should i bear the brunt of me getting a new piece and spoiling within 3 days. Then i spoke to a senior official who heard my story patiently and said that he will try and arrange a discount but i have to pay the LCD charges. To that i replied ok and he said that someone will call me and inform about the charges. This conversation took place on Nov 6th and till Nov 8th no one called so i called up this gentleman in the morning on 8th Nov and asked him what happened about the charges to that he replied its 3500. I was shocked to hear this i said you were going to work out a discount instead you have added Rs 105 more. He replied rudely that cant you understand i am telling you a round figure and then he says there are also service charges. i was really angry and told him that how come service charges in warranty period this means there is no warranty at all. then he got confused and started saying the cost is 3395

I was so frustated at the end of it that i asked that till 2 days you dont even let me know what discount is there and in the end you tell me i have to pay the same charges and i kept the phone with discontent 

Solution of your complaintI dont know but need to get my camera back repaired and definately las t time i have purchased DSony 
Actionprobably go to Consumer courts 
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