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Posted byvini soni 
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Product/Service Descriptionpostpaid connection
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i am a student who is a hostelite in mumbai. i had a prepaid connection and for better call rates i switched to postpaid. i called up customer care (111) who informed me about some plan say A. the pick up boy took the documents and money without giving me the postpaid sim and cut my prepaid connection!!
somehow after 15 days when the connection started i come to know that they have enrolled me for some different plan B. i call customer care and visit the store but to no avail. no is ready to help me. they say that the person from the vodafone care whom i called informed me of some plan which is non existent and i should pay my bill according to the plan i have been enrolled!!

Firstly i was cheated by a vodafone executive who gave me wrong info and signed me for wrong plan.

secondly i was harassed by not giving the new sim

inspite of all this mess i myself went to them to clear the discrepancy and they send me a letter to suspend my card without me having requested it.

why should i suffer the bill which acc to the tariff i didnt signed up for???
why dont they listen to the tapes and verify that the vodafone exec told me a wrong plan!!
why should i have to goto their offices and be on their endless waiting calls with no responses leaving all my important work???

Solution of your complaint. i am not a faulty customer. but that doesnt mean vodafone can fool me i shall definitely pay the bill but according to the tariffs told to me i have asked them to revert my bill according to the plan i was offered let me pay the bill and then close my connection i dont want to be associated with vodafone anymore  
Actioni may have to move to TRAI or consumer court 
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