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Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Product/Service Descriptioncase no- 10576, Chennai to port blair return ticket
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintPerformance 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company Employeeumesh  
Complaint Details

Respected Sir/Madam,

I called your Call Centre @ 3900 8888, and asked for reservation on 29-04-2006, 03-05-2006 (Chennai to Port Blair) and return, after taking to the call centre executive regarding the reservation, he communicated that transaction does not happen due to system Error (4:07 PM 03-03-2006) and closed the call (Total Duration : 45 mins). Then I tried with Internet Booking (5:00 PM 03-03-2006) there also It failed once and finally I got reservation.

But When I called credit card call centre, they told me regarding three (3) transactions happened against Air Deccan Rs. 13395,12800, 12800 @ 4:01 pm, 5:01 pm, 5:08 Pm on 03-03-2006.

Then I again called the above number 080-3900 8888, and spoke to Call Centre representative, he told me three PNR nos. generated:

1- 4:07 pm 03-03-2006 - 13395 --- Call centre Booking
2 - 5:01 pm 03-03-2006 - 12800 --- Internet Booking
3 - 5:08 pm 03-03-2006 - 12800 --- Internet Booking
There is system fault in case of Internet Bookings (2 and 3) after filling the information for credit card, It gives internet error, and I again tried for it and finally got the reservation.

In case of Call Centre booking, representative said Transaction not happened and closed the call, But actually money debited from Credit card. Instead of this he could have checked properly and communicated through mail or call to my mobile no after PNR generation to avoid all the further transactions. I think this is his irresponsibility.

Through call center I got refund of ( Rs. 11608, 11608) after cancellation against with respect to Case No.10576 dated: 13-03-2006.

Pending amount is 1787, 1192 INR.

Again , at the time of cancellation call centre person said He is very sure about 100% refund, It was the system error.

Now after due date they are saying it is our fault , we have booked the tickets three times.

My Credit Card billing date is today( 14-03-2006) , If it is not refunded by End of the day, who will give extra late payment fee and Interest .

I calls daily with the hope that might be today I will get proper answer and proper refund.

I hope airdeccan is liable for refund each and every amount that happened due to their system faults.

I request you to kindly look into matter and refund full amount ASAP without fail.



Solution of your complaintairdeccan should refund 100% amount as it is because of customer care irresponsibility and system error 
Actionconsumer court 
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