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American Home Shield

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American Home Shield
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Product/Service DescriptionHome Warranty
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
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Name of the Company Employeeget a different company rep each time I call 
Complaint Details

May 3rd 2006 my heat pump for my central air unit was smoking and not working properly. I called American Home Shield and turned in a work order as this item is under warranty. 4 days later a heating and air conditioner company came out and looked at the unit, notice a break in the freon line, said would have to order parts and would be back in a couple of days. One and a half weeks went by with no repairman calling or returning. Called AHS again and next day the repairman returned with a filter dryer and a copper "T" saying the items just came in... (these are standard hardware items, and the repairman never took down a model number or anything else on the 1st visit). He installed these two items, recharged the unit , looked at it for 15 minutes and said its all fixed and left. He never went inside the house to check how it was working on air, never checked the heating or anything else. I asked him about the snoke from the unit and he just shrugged his shoulders and said its all fixed. Later that afternoon while the unit was running I again saw smoke cominig from it, smelled a burning smell,and the circuit breaker tripped stopping the unit. Again I called AHS. The next day the repairman came out ran the unit again for about 15 min, checked the freon level, said its all fixed. I asked him about the smoke and burning smell and all he could say was well the unit is old and should be replaced, he said he would talk to his boss and they would call AHS and see what could be done about replacing it, and they would call me later that day. Again later that day the unit was smoking and I could smell a burnt smell from it, and the breaker tripped. I called AHS again. The next day AHS called me twice saying the repairman would call us and would come out again and this time run the unit longer before he came out cause he would actually have to see the unit burning before he could do anything further. I kept the unit off, waited for the repairman that never called that day or the next and the following evening again contacted AHS not only complaining about the heat pump but also this repair company. The next day AHS called saying they would send another company out to check the unit that day. That afternoon another repaiman arrived (from a different company) opened up the unit and immediately saw a burnt circuit board, burnt wires ,burnt switch, terminal, and a relay. I told him of the previous repair and the parts replaced and he said thats not the problem here. He stated the unit was old (20 years) and any repairs would just be a temporary fix. I told him how we had the unit repaired 4 times in the last four years thru AHS. He said the unit should be replaced and not repaired but had doubts about AHS doing that as that isnt the way the conduct business. This was on a Friday, so he said they would contact AHS and get back to me on Monday. On Monday the repairmans boss called and said I had 2 options. #1 clean the furnace, replace the outside heat pump (with pre change over to 13 seer unit as per Govt regs) for a cost of $2000.00. But he also added that this would just be a partial fix as the inside unit would still give me problems..... option #2 and his recomendation is he would replace both the inside and outside unit with a brand new 13 seer ( as per Govt law) unit for $4089.00. I asked how much AHS was putting toward this and he said they want to repair the old unit and arent allowing more than $250.00. I asked if this was safe and he said No, but thats AHS Since then I have been going round and round with AHS about this. The current repair they are willing to pay is $175.00 for a new circuit board and some wires only. 

Solution of your complaintI feel the unit is old (20 years) and is unsafe. Its had 4 repairs in just under 4 years now, which isnt normal. Because of its age I would be satisfied if American Home Shield would just pay for the replacement of the outside unit, approx $2400.00 and I would pay for the inside unit.( these new 13 seer units required by law now, the inside unit will not match a new outside unit.) 
Actioncomplaints to the Texas Real Estate Commission whom gives a license to AHS. Complaints to BBB, State of texas attorney General Consumer Protection. May file law suit 
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