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Posted bySitalakshmi Vishwanath 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Product/Service DescriptionSLF02W011050016603
Warranty Status
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintOther 
Complaint Rating1(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeRupesh K.Choudhary 
Complaint Details

I had bought 2 pcs of cloth from Westside outlet at Army Navy Bldg.on 13th November 2008 for Rs.1098/-. I had to exchange the same due to size problem hence i had visited the outlet on 15th Nov. 2008 at around 3.15 pm. I bought 3 tops and 1 salvar costing Rs.1546/- I gave the counter staff the credit note issued to me for Rs.1098/- and my credit card along with the stuff purchased. The staff charged the card in full i.e.Rs.1546/- and I was told that they will reimburse me Rs.1098/- and then I was made to sign (proof of taking cash) .in an exercise note and taken Rs.2/- to round off & give me Rs.1100/- instead of Rs.1098/-. I signed and handed over Rs.2/- to the staff and was still not given the money. In the meantime the staff had asked me to fill a membership card and when I had filled the entire form then I was asked to go to the behind counter and get the membership card (but cash was not handed over to me) I collected the temporary membership card and in a hurry came out of the store and was crossing the road in front of the store when I realized that the counter staff had not finally given me the cash. Hence I again ran to the store and went straight to the person on counter and told him that he is yet to pay me the cash he immediately denied having not paid and called for his Sr. person and then he also told me that the cash was given to me & when I was not ready to accept their statements in front of me the Sr person checked the cash and informed that there is no excess and as per him the cash is handed over to me. I was not ready to accept this & later they called Mr.Rupesh Choudhary - Manager Operations to solve this issue. He spoke to me very sweetly and was repeating the same thing that the cash have been given to me (siding his staff) and when I told that it is in correct to believe his staff blindly and depriving a customer's right he asked the Sr. Personnel to check the counter staff personally which was done. In the end the manager was trying to convince me that the issue is baseless as nobody leaves the counter without taking their balances etc. etc. After wasting 1 hour, I had no hope of getting the truth out nor getting back my cash for Rs.1100/-. Hence, I left the store and returned to my office. I wonder that such a big outlet would not have kept a camera or CC TV to help find out the fault and re gain customer's trust and faith.


Solution of your complaintI will be proved right and the staff will be caught so that this does not occur again with another customer. 
ActionHenceforth would not waste my time lodging a complaint and expecting it to be solved and will inform my friends about the same. 
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