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Posted byBina Sehgal 
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Product/Service DescriptionMobile phone/Nokia/ 5300/ invoice no. 310343506/081018/28
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
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Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company Employeeentire organisation is bluffing me 
Complaint Details

I wanna lodge a complaint against nokia care center, Sakchi branch, Jamshedpur. Two months ago I handed over my handset (Nokia 5300) for repair(It's headset's jack was not functioning) only on the condition that they would return my cell phone the very next day. The other day they said its not yet repaired I gotta wait for one more day. And finally when I asked for my cell phone after almost three days they said that my cell phone met with a mishap. Due to some discrepancy and lack of communication(Functional characteristics of nokia care center and heights of irresponsibility) among the staff my cell phone has been sent to the head office (kolkata). All this without my notice. Fine, I accepted there excuse because they assured they would return my set in a week. However, I received my cell phone after more than a month. That too was not easy. The executive managing the customers quoted Rs 350/- initially but without bringing into my notice, on the final day charged me Rs 800/- I refused to pay and finally settled at Rs 450/-. All this happened despite a norm mentioned just behind the receipt that in case the price that will be charged against the repair exceeds the quoted price the phone will not be repaired without the customers consent. They didn't abide by this simple law of their own organization and just imagine the price difference. Nevertheless, I braught it back, my head set was working but unexpectedly my cell was not getting charged. Because the battery remained out of service for quite some time I thought there is some issue with the battery. I got a new one but all my efforts were in vain. My cell phone was heating up abnormally, its blue tooth stopped working and its charge was the major problem. I dint explore it further I don't have an Idea what other problems was my cell suffering with. I went back with my cell phone and demanded a cell in stand-by until I receive my repaired set. This too was another scene. Lets not get into further details cause it irritates me all the more. Anyways it's been two months and I am still without my cell phone which was supposed to be in my hand two months ago. Even now they don't seem to be interested in returning it. I don't know it is frustrating and irritating . They think its a joke. I'm a working lady used to access internet via my cellphone and am not satisfied with the phone given to me though it has features for internetting but I want my cell phone back.. I spent near about some 10, 000 bucks on my cell phone and this is what I get as so called customer service. Such lousy and laid back attitude I've never encountered before. kindly if you can do something about it do it as soon as possible. 

Solution of your complaintthe company it self or some organizations that work in favour of customers harassed by these irrational, irresponsible and indifferent customer care centres.  
ActionGod, first i would like my problem to be solved as soon as possible or I demand a swap and in ultimate case I want Rs.8,800 back(amount that i paid for my cell phone). And i would also suggest closure of such unwanted and careless care centers. They don't care but torture their customers. 
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