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Posted byDevdatta Goswami 
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The Manager
Citi Bank.

This is to inform you that I am facing difficulty dealing with your bank. I was issued with a Debit card with suvidha account. After few months I was also issued with a Indian Oil Credit card. I thought it will be easier for me to deal with the credit card if it is through the corporate account. Upon a trust with citi bank I started using the card. From my Suvidha account every month, the minimum monthly payment along with other charges used to get deducted against my credit card. I used to get my statements for Suvidha bank account as well as Indian Oil Credit Card to my personal e-mail address which is Even now I get my statements for Suvidha bank Account on the given e-mail address. However, when I check the same with the statements for Indian Oil Credit Card, I have not received any statements since January 2008. When I tried calling the credit card department a voice prompt every time and said that the card had been closed, and even today I hear the same. First of all the card was closed without my knowledge This month as I got my salary, Rs 10,000/- was debited from my savings account against the Indian Oil Credit Card. And my statement was left with a MINUS BALANCE. Also, I had applied for a personal loan through a different and a cheque was deposited by me for approximately Rs 1, 20,000/-. The very next day when I went to withdraw the money I see that Rs 58,250/- was debited against my credit card. I had applied for a loan is because I have other personal commitments. Now that I have a minus Balance on my standing account and also that Rs 68,250/- was deducted from my savings account now I am in such a situation that I feel that I am standing no where. With regret I tried to get this issue resolved calling Citi Bank several times. In this month I have called the bank at least for Rs 800/-. I have wasted my money, my time with citi bank. The representatives do not have sufficient information. They say that the credit card department has charged Rs 1, 30,000. When I asked them to send me the credit card statement till date, they say that the e-mail address on which I used to get the statement till the month of December is incorrect. They say MY E-MAIL ACCOUNT THAT I HAVE SINCE 2000 IS INCORRECT. Isnít that a joke? They have also told me that my credit information had been forwarded to the Collection Department (RECOVERY DEPARTMENT), and that I have to deal with them now. Whenever I tried calling them, after few rings they disconnect the cal I have taken the card from CITI Bank. I am the customer with CITI BANK. Why should I deal with the recovery department? Why am I not getting my credit card statement even upon request? Why do I have to pay Rs 1, 30,000 wherein the card limit was only Rs 30,000? Why are you cheating the customers? I have already paid a huge sum being a customer with CITI BANK. I want my money back and I also want compensation from CITI BANK before I take it to the higher level.I will appreciate if you look in to this matter ASAP before i take any serious action on me on mental pressure and file an FRI note on bank. Your bank is running in loss that doesnít mean that you will start doing fraud with customers.
I have also decided to call a press conference with all big news paper and the local TV channel to put this issue a
Cross so that entire Bangalore should come to know what citi bank is up to with their customerís.

Devdatta Goswami 

Solution of your complainti am frustated now with citi bank i think i wiil not have any trust against CITIBANK and i will make sure that no one will have a good impresion about your bank this issue will be spread to all my friends who holds the account with CITI BANK i think they should look into this issue as they have taken a huge ammount which is double the CREDIT LIMIT OF MY CARD i guss they are doing all this Bcoz of job cuts and no funds with them they started cheating the customers  
ActionI think they will definately call me and resolve my issue and revert back my money ...they can start thinking about this before it comes under a huge pressure for the bank and let them wait and see WHAT THE MEDIA AND THE CUSTOMERS OF CITIBANK ARE GOING TO TELL THEM i guss i am gonna sue them for whta they did .............i have already reported this to all citibank customers who holds a suvidhia account they are gonna have a very bad time its BETTER they reply as soon as possible  
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