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Repair Tech

Posted byWillie Barnhill 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Repair Tech
Product/Service DescriptionSony KDSR60XBR1
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating1(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeRepair Tech 
Complaint Details

I sent this email to their public relations department with no response;

Good afternoon,

I am not for sure if this is the correct department for logging a complaint concerning your customer service department, however, I purchased your five year platinum service agreement and the type of service I'm receiving is very unprofessional.

I called your service department over three weeks ago requesting assistance on my Sony TV. After talking with Michelle, she told me should could not find a Sony representative in my area. I had informed Ms. Michelle, I had contact Sony and they do have service representatives in my area.

She then told me, call them back, and set up an appointment, however, I would have to pay the initial visit out of pocket but, I would be reimburse.

She then stated, when the service tech arrives and determines the problem, I would then need to fax over the work request, attention Miguel and a copy of my warranty before they do any work.

On November 14, 2008, a Sony tech repair came to my house and determine, the fan in the back of the unit needs to be replace, and that is the reason why the TV will not stay on. The repair tech said he could replace the fan but, he would need to order it. I informed the repair tech, I cannot authorized any repairs until I get authorization form my warranty company first, however, what they want me to do is, get your estimate and fax over the documentation first before they will authorize any repairs.

I faxed over the documents on November 14, 2008 around 2:30 PM, and then called Repair Tech to see if they got the documents and what was the next step in getting my TV repaired. The gentleman who answered the phone stated, "fax request for repairs takes 24 hours before they are look at and, I would have to called back on Monday, November 18, 2008.

I was traveling out of town on official military business and had my wife call on November 18, 2008. My wife called on November 18, 2008 and spoke with Michelle from customer service, who informed my wife, "they have my documents and they are with Mr. Miguel, who is the reviewing authority for repairs. We will contact you to let you know, when someone will be out to your location to fix your TV.

Another week has gone by and no one has called to say anything.

After returning from my assignment, I called your customer service center on November 24, 2008, around 8:30 AM, and spoke to Michelle again. Michelle claim the reason why we have not sent someone to repair the TV is because, the price that the Sony representative quoted was to high. I informed Michelle, was anybody plan on calling us to let us know the situation, and I would not have even called Sony directly from the beginning if, I did not get the authorization from you in the first place.

She then stated, she has several other Sony repair techs in my area now, and she will be giving them a call this morning when they open up around 10:00 AM to schedule an appointment.

I ask Michelle, can she please give me a call back this morning or early afternoon so I'll know when a repair representative will be arriving to repair my television. I also asked Michelle, "when can I expect to be reimbursed for the $107.29 that I had to put up front for the first service call?" She told me it's in account but, she has not ideal of when I'll be paid, unprofessional if you ask me for your platinum service agreement.

As of 3:00 today, November 24, 2008, I still have not heard anything from repair tech, however, I did call again and was put on hold for about 30 minutes and once I did speak to someone, the gentleman transfer me to another number, which was a voice mail of a Ms Teniqua; not for sure if that is the correct spelling of her name, however, this whole process is truly UNSAT.

All I want to do is get my television fix, and I wanted it fix before Thanksgiving. I think I've been pretty patience in this matter but, my patience is running thin with this type of service. If this problem can't be resolved at the soonest, my intentions is to contact the Better Business Bureau to log a complaint against your company.

No one needs this type of public relations, and my intentions is not to create one, however, if I continue to receive this type of service with my broken television, then I will have no course but to file a complain with the Better Business Bureau.

Very Respectfull 

Solution of your complaintRight now, I dont know. Its been three weeks trying to get this done. 
ActionFile a law suite if I have to and, file a complaint with the better business bureau. I might even call Eyewitness News here in New York, to see if Arnold Diaz can get to the bottom of this. 
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