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Posted bySijo Sebastian 
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Product/Service DescriptionIFB Washing Machine-6 KG Digital
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMr.Sanjay and Mr.Mohan(9964146651&9964199777) 
Complaint Details

1.Switch buttons are cracked
2.Timer is wrong
3.Child lock is non functional
4.Door Open is not working

I purchased IFB 6KG Digital washing Machine 9 months back. First 6-7 months its functioning was perfect. After that I found many defects in this machine. The most frustrating factor is service. I felt the service persons are simply fooling customers. They are highly irresponsible. Let me summaries my woes regarding the product and service.

I purchased this on 2008 February. Now the issues are following.

1. Several buttons are cracked. This issue I noticed after 95 degree washing.
2. Timer is not updating in some cases
3. Child lock option is not working.
4. Door open function is not working.

I summaries the issues regarding service.

1. On 15-11-2008 I have called up customer care and informed the issues and they have registered
The service request (No.2427354).And they assured this will be solved within 48 hrs.They told complaint number will be sent to my mobile for future reference. But I didn't receive anything. It took 10 days to trace the complaint number from the technician!!!!

2. Technician came on 17-11-2008 checked everything and he told machine board should replaced. He assured me; he will come on next day with machine board and buttons which need replacement. During his handling, the front panel also broken. So I asked to replace that too. He agreed to come on next day.

3. On 18-11-2008 I called up him (Mr.Sanjay -09964146651) and asked about this. He told stock is not there and it is expected to arrive on the same day. And he assured that will be replaced on 19-11-2208.

4. On 19-11-2208, again I called up Mr.Sanjay and asked about this. He told stock has not come and he has given me two numbers to contact for further enquiry. Service station landline number (080-26574746) and mobile number (Mr. Lawrence -09964199777).I called up on the same day. But I didn't get the above mentioned Lawrence. I have spoken with Mr.Rangan, Mr.Mohan regarding this. They told next day it will be replaced surely.

5. On 20-11-2008 again I called above three numbers they repeated the same stories.

6. On 21-11-2008 I called up Mr.Sanjay, who told, stock would be reaching on Monday (24-11-2008).Monday this would be done surely.

7. On Monday (24-11-2008), I called up Mr.Sanjay, who redirected me to service station. I called up and spoken to Mr. Mohan, who told, we have a new technician named Kiran, who will service your request Monday it self and that is sure for 101%.But no body came.

8. On 25-11-2008, again I called Mr. Mohan who told, the vehicle which carries the goods has left from the store, which will be reaching service station soon. Then I asked about the aforesaid stock and technician. He answered, that technician, by mistake replaced those parts with some other machine!!!This amused me a lot on that worried situation also. (Thank god! it was another washing machine only, that Mr.Kiran serviced!!!!).Then I questioned them how you are doing service, donít they have complaint number or something. I didn't get a proper answer. He was repeating the same story again. Then I asked my complaint number which is provided by him. Before this I had asked many times to Sanjay and Mohan for this complaint number. Since I got the complain number, I told I will contact higher authorities if you are not attending my case. He assured that will be done next day for sure.

9. On 26-11-2008, I called up Mr.Mohan, who told vehicle carries stock would be reaching in minutes!!! :-)... I called up after noon, he told that is not yet received and definitely they will finish this by same day before 8 P.M.On 6.45 pm again I tried in his mobile. It was switched off!!!(Remeber, this is not his personal mobile).Again I tried on 8 p.m.then security attended the phone and told me, office is closed for today.

10. Next day on 27-11-2008, I called up customer care and informed all these details. They assured it will be attended within 24 hrs.

11.Today 28-11-2208 again I called up customer care and asked for update they gave me another number which is service station manager Mr.Anjan Reddy's number. Which is 9964199777.I told them this I got 10 days back from technician and I had called this number at least 15 times, and I was not able to speak to Mr.Anjan Reddy!!!.Then I was given another no. which is Area manager.Mr.Srinivasís number (9379037006).I have been Informed him all the details. I am not sure when this will be taken up!!!


Solution of your complaintNo Idea!!! 
ActionMoving to consumer court... 
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