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Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Product/Service DescriptionRefrigerator
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintPerformance 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeSoni/Vineet/Akash/Ritesh/Viplav 
Complaint Details

The CMD/Chairman/President/Head of Samsung India/Head of Samsung HQ

With due respect I submit that I have purchased a refrigerator of your company i..e. Samsung India Ltd. I have purchased the same from M/s Maheshwari Sales , Near Jyoti Cinema, Jabalpur MP vide Cash memo no. 5840 dated 25-04-08 and my model no. is 18 XHDR with Sr. No. 037942AQ401116J for Rs. 7450/-. Since then I am lodging complaint with your company at each and very level regarding water pouring in like rain from all sides of chill try which force me to keep all things covered. When no body visited despite complaints with the vender M/s Mahashwari (who helped much in calling your service center in front of me many time), I called your service center incharge Mr. Soni at 07612400225 who gave complaint number 5493. On 12-07-08 I lodged complaint at toll free number 1800110011 and got BP no. as 8407771632. After 5-6 calls on same number on 26-07-08 a person visited and checked the refrigerator but left without doing anything saying he will come back after two days. When he did not come up to 6-08-08 I again called service center. Then after visit by two other so called your service engineers finally 4th person brought a new tray with a sheet of foam attached at the surface of tray with a solution. When I told that this is unhygienic and looks dirty the service person said this is temporary arrangement and after 1 week he will give us modified tray. This solved the problem up to 50%. I was surprised when after two weeks I was told that they have only this solution as modified tray is not in stock. Then after heated exchange of talks at call center I got 2-3 calls from Noida phone numbers 01204028200 and they admitted the problem and again sent some new person who again wanted 4-5 days to solve the same. This was repeated twice till I got the number of MP incharge Mr. Vineet having phone 9977455400. Then the deputed Mr. Ritesh 9826198064 who give complaint number as HA2400 and visited twice with same results as above. After 2-3 calls to Mr. Vineet in Oct-08 he asked for some time and deputed Mr. Viplav 9907901071 who first keep on saying that he will replace the tray. After 5-6 calls he sent the person with same tray as existing one. Then he said he will do it by 7th Nov. Again he begged the limit up to 18th Nov. But on 20th to my surprise he told that refrigerator is Ok and there will be no problem when I will run in summers again. But I am not ready to wait till that at any cost as already in this summer I have lost piece of mind in keeping care of covering all liquid or solid food and still many time a lot of eatables were waste due to this raining of water in refrigerator. All these time Mr. Vineet responded promptly but could not arrange a tray which is modified one.
I want to summarize it as:-
1. Despite a number of calls nobody is taking complaint seriously. I have called call center toll free number 12-15 time and each time they have status of complaint as closed.
2. If your company donot have modified tray in stock as told by your staff then you are not a international level company.
All this shows:-
1. Either your service staff is incompetent or knows that refrigerator is having some manufacturing problem which they canít solve.
2. All the time there is false clearance of complaint and nobody is looking into this. My complaint is pending in your central system for more than 5 months.

I have purchased this refrigerator (due to my transfer from Sirsa-HR to Jabalpur) from above vender along with LG LCD TV and LG microwave oven vide CM-5838 of same date as above. The vender told that it is the only refrigerator in single door with plane back. I already have LG double door at my home in SIRSA HARYANA. With due regard to LG products I would like to say some thing as under:-
1. I have got a chance to compare the two of Indiaís best and have no doubt which is the best as there is not even a single complaint in LG product. In a single day they replaced the cover of LCD remote damaged by my child. LG have each and every e-mail address and phone number of their officer/office on website but for yours there is no such detail even for a single officer or office. Only one thing you have done is a toll free number with a call center and your duty to give service is over.
2. I want to give myself a chance to rectify my mistake of purchasing this refrigerator by giving this back to your company for which I will accept any penalty by your company.
3. If you have any product better to offer me than this refrigerator, I am ready to pay difference of charges for the same which I have already offered to you staff again and again.

So if it not possible for your company to any of 2 or 3 as above please take this refrigerator from my home for which I will not claim any thing. But if you did nothing with in 7 days from now then I will certainly move to court for getting my rights and suitable claim for harassment done to me by your company.

With regards

Yours truly,


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