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Posted byShobhit joshi 
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Product/Service DescriptionNOKIA 5310
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating9(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMr. Baljit 
Complaint Details

Initial Problem
The Mobile was not charging up and we got it checked with a new charger (Nokia) but still it was not charging.

I took the Mobile to the Nokia Care near Delhi Cantt. Which turned out to be the one near Tilak Nagar Metro Station. They checked and told me that there is water penetration and hence the charging unit is currupt and would need replacement. To this i agreed and the service amount was fixed at 750/- INR. The day of delivery was said to be after two days. I had given the cell on Friday and when i went back on Wednesday they told me that the cell cannot be delivered as it has a faulty line and if they try to repair then it may go dead. They required my permission for going ahead with the repait with the risk. To this i agreed but i showed my concerns on the fact that no one informed me on my cell for this as promised. And also they were waiting for me to come down and then talk.

Baljit from the service center confirmed to me that they wouuld call me next time for this and there will be no comms GAP.

A few days passed but i got no call from the center. I gave a call myself and was told that the cell is not repairable from their side and would be sent to Nokia center. Again the frustration was that i never got a call for this stage of the operation. Again with a lot of interaction on the phone finally i agrred to take this wait time of 2 more days and wait for their response.

The same was repeated again and i did not get any intimation. Then on when i called again ii was told that the cell is considered as dead and cannot be repaired and that i need to finally collect the same.

Problem Statement
It was not the service from which i am bothered about but the following:
-> No Communication from the service center despite numerous promises.
-> No Copy given to me for the statement stating that the cell is dead and irrepairable.
-> There was no document given to me to give details on the repair statement.
-> Upon asking for a customer copy of the complain i was denied of it.

-> The only reference i have is the Jobsheet number : 134434038/081101/8 

Solution of your complaint* Improve the after sales service and customer experience. * Check the capability of the servvice centers as the cell phones cannot go dead because of any issue. Every electronic part that goes bad is replaceable. * At all times give customer a copy of every transaction he has with Nokia Care. 
Action* I would definitly be logging a complain with the Cunsumer Forum and ensure that justification is done. * And for sure i would not be buying or recommending Nokia as a package to anyone. Because the phones might be good but the service is really frustrating. Within a year of the purchase of phone and it is irrepairable. 
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