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Posted byATUL SINGH 
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Product/Service Descriptionthird grade servicing of my maruti suzuki 800DX car
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
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Complaint Rating9(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeHarjinder Singh, service manager 
Complaint Details

I have a aquamarine blue 1997 Maruti 800 Dx which was taken for servicing and bonnet painting to Vipul Motors/Faridabad on 06.12.2008. the car was promised for delivery on 08.12.2008 but i asked for it to be made ready for delivery on 09.12.2008. certain items which were noted for check up were to be changed based on my confirmation over phone. the bonnet was to be repainted. i got a call on 06.12.2008 itself that the front discs and brake pads were worn out and required changing. the front wheel bearings also needed to be changed. i gave the service supervisor the go ahead over phone. when i reached the service centre after getting a confirmation that the car was ready for delivery on 09.12.2008, the car seemed to have been given a shoddy job of servicing. the discs apparently never required a change. on checking them with a micrometer screw gauge the thickness was found to be much more than the service limit of 8.0mm thickness. none of the supervisors were aware of this thickness limit and apparently were changing the same at will. some excuse of heat marks on the discs was given but on insisting that the same be shown to me there was no satisfactory answer. The old design white perforated roof lining which was supposed to be changed had been completely messed with and there were creases all over the pasted surface. the painting of the bonnet itself was average but the overspray had damaged all the exterior surface of the front windscreen, the rear screen and the front door windows. the same seem to have been cleaned with some cleaner or thinner leading to a fine fog type of a permanent buildup on the glass leading to a permanent glare at night time. there was some wiring defect in between the battery and the distributor which needed rectification and the same was indicated at the time of booking the vehicle. at the time of delivery seeing the condition of the car i raised a ruckus and put my foot down. the service incharge tried to pacify me and arranged for some rectification of the roof lining. as for the discs he confirmed after seeing the old ones that they needed replacement but was shaky when i told him that i was sending one of the discs to maruti along with my complaint. he later offered to change and install the older discs but i refused. some rubbing of the bonnet was also done to reduce the uneven paint surface. some attention was given to the wiring but not enough and the car shut down in the middle of mathura road 3 kms from the service centre after delivery. the car is sitting outside my gate right now and i dont know whether to laugh or cry. it may be another car for maruti suzuki and their dealers, but for me it is my car, the one which we purchased after pooling in our last paisa of savings, in which our daughter came home from hospital the first time after delivery. after more than eleven years and one lac km on the odometer, seeing the condition to which it has been brought in this single service leaves me speechless. i really dont know whom to approach...maruti do not display any complaint/suggestion link for old customers, the setup at the dealer is too insensitive and incapable to understand my finer requests. do i need to go to a consumer forum court... i really dont know. my aim is not to get damages but to get an honest job on my car and defects unattended or mishandled to be reasonable rectified. i honestly dont know what can be done about the front and rear wind screens and the front window glasses.

Atul Singh
Mobile- 9717640084

House No. 873,

Solution of your complaintcall back the car and attend to the complaint including replacement of components damaged during servicing like overspray on glasses and windscreens 
Actionfirst report to marutisuzuki. (unfortunately there is no option in the company website for lodging such complaints over the internet). then go to consumer court if problem still unresolved 
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