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Posted byATUL SINGH 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Organization e-Mail 
Product/Service DescriptionMARUTI 800 DX 1997 MODEL
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating8(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMR. MOHANTY GM/ VIPUL MOTORS/ FARIDABAD 
Complaint Details

i handed over my maruti 800 DX 1997 model for servicing along with instruction for painting of bonnet, changing of interior roof lining and attention to starting trouble experienced. the vehicle was handed over to Sri Mitesh Kumar, supervisor at Vipul Motors, Unit II, faridabad on 06.12.2008 at 1220 hrs. subsequently i got a call later on that the front discs and the brake pads had worn out and needed replacement along with all the bearings of both the front wheels. i gave my confirmation over phone for the same. on 09.12.2008 i received a call from M/s Vipul Motors that tjhe car was ready for delivery. when i reached the firm i found that the roof lining had been pasted very shabbily and there were creases all over- a typical local open market kind of a messy job. on pointing out the service advisor said that the guy who had done the job was not available and could i please bring the vehicle back later on. i refused and asked him to get it rectified. when i saw the old brake discs, they seemed ok to a layman- on asking for the reason i was told that there were heating marks on the same along with wear and thus the disc had become thin and hence they required a change. frankly i couldnt locate any heating marks. then i asked for the condemming limit for the discs. the service advisor was not aware of the same and i requested for the maintenance manual which indicated the same. when the manual was produced it was seen that the limits for the disc thickness was 10.0 mm for new and service limit was 8.0mm. when i asked for the thickness to be measured, the service advisor was not aware of the method to check the same. i asked for a micrometer screw gauge to be brought. on checking it was seen the thickness was substantially higher at more than 9.0mm. T works manager when contacted was convinced that the replacement was correct but when i told him that i would be sending the discs to maruti for verification he offered to have the old discs fitted. after a lot of argument and chasing the vehicle was finally handed over in the evening. barely 3 kms out of the service centre the engine shut down. thinking that the fuel was low the car was pushed to the nearest petrol pump and filled up. next evening while coming back from office (30 kms distance from my home to office) the engine shut down again at ashram chowk about 20 km from my house at arounfd 8pm. the car would simply not start while the battery was cranking the engine perfectly. i touched and pulled a few wires and managed to start and bring the car back to faridabad. i took it to the only mechanic shop open at that point of time and when he opened the distributor cover- the cb points had badly worn out. the ignition coil was leaking oil and the wire leading from it to the distributor was melted, and badly worn out. these things should have been checked during paid servicing but had been overlooked. the air filter assembly was removed and the carb housing was coated with old dust and grime of years which had not been washed properly. i got the carb opened and found that it was completely chocked with muck. the needle valve also required cleaning. half the carb assemble was removed and completely cleaned in petrol and then with 3M carb cleaner. Subsequent fitment made the car purr like a cat. no trouble after that and the car is performing extremely well without any hiccups. i fail to comprehend the reason for this apathy from a company which touts - where ever you go you r not far or something from a MASS advertisement. this is not a case of a component failure or trouble in a car... what i want to high light is the brazen way in which i have taken for a ride- components changed which suited the company and the actual job of maintaining the car not even carried out.. the subsequent justifacations given by Mr Harjinder Singh/ Asstt. Works Manager and Mr Mohanty/GM of the centre just do not go down well. the high handedness is too blatant too be shrugged. when i tried sending a complaint through the net it was seen that the website does not give u such an option at all. i intended giving a 10 grade but Mr Mohanty/GM has tried to pacify me and has requested that the vehicle be taken to VIpul motors again to check up on my story, and hence the 8. i really dont understand how in such a competitive market the service provider can fleece anyone like this. because the behaviour shows that its not an isolated incident due to a genuine error but an attitudinal problem and the whole setup has a role to play in it. can somebody guide me how to contact and inform MUL. 

Solution of your complaintan apology from the service centre, refund of the servicing charges of about Rs600/- charged (out of a total billing of Rs11,014/-) from me and also refund the Rs.1150/- that i had to pay to the local mechanic in exchange for the headache and stress caused due to the car shutting down the next day after it was serviced. 
Actionwant to approach MUL but do not have the email id for such grievances, and if still not satisfied then a consumer court 
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