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Maruti Udyog Ltd

Posted byPraveen Jaggi 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Maruti Udyog Ltd
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Product/Service DescriptionWagonR-LXI
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintOther 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeS. Chakerborty ( Service Engineer, Ranchi) 
Complaint Details

I purchased a Maruti WagonR in May08. Within few days of driving, I observed a sound in Engine and informed the Dealer ( M/S MotorWorld, Jamshedpur).The sound is like tak-tak-tak-tak, and the niose increases, when the vehicle is at slow speed and needs more power ( Like on ramp ). It is also heard very clearly in reverse gear. The dealer told me that , we will look into it during 1st servicing of the vehicle. During 1stservicing, they couldnt trace the problem and insisted for the vehicle to be left for a week. I handed over the vehicle to them for the job. When I went to collect my vehicle after a week, I found that problem still there. The Dealers Service Engineer ( Mr. Rizwaan and Ezaj Alam told me that we are in touch with Regional Service Incharge ( Mr. S. Chakerborty) and will take action after his visit. Unfortunately, Mr. Chakerborty never visited to inspect the vehicle. Then I was forced to log on the complaint on Maruti"s Official Web Site on 26.09.2008 and the Complaint Tracking number: HT20080926_0000000494 was forwarded to me by Maruti. Sorry to say that till date the Service engineer of Maruti didnt get time to inspect my vehicle. He sent someone from the outsourced Labour trainning coordinator ( Mr. Mahato)on 7th December at the MotorWorlds WorkShop. He said that the problem is due to gap of thrust bearing or main bearing. He convienced me that we will not dismentle the engine, onle oil pan will be opened from bottom of the engine and the required servics will be performed. Though, I was not ready to allow them to open New Engine, I wanted to solve the case, hence agreed for that. After opening the engine bearings, it was observed that some strands coming out from the edge of the bearing no. 2 and other bearing have developed deep scratches. My vehicle is not run even 2500 KMs and the bearing condition was telling that some serious problem lies in the engine.The bearings were replaced, but unfortunalely, the engine sound was still there.Now, Mr. Chakerborty instructed the Dealer to replace the CrankShaft and check wheather the engine sound goes or not.I am strictly against opening and overhauling of the engine of my new vehicle. They will open part by part of my vehicle to understand the problem.Why should I allow them the R & D on my vehicle? And I cant accept a new car with reconditioned engine.I am suffering from last 6 months.I will not take the delivery of the car from the WorkShop, unless they replace the car. 

Solution of your complaint1. Replacement of Car 2. Replacement of Complete Engine Assly.  
ActionI will take legal action against Maruti Udyog and dealer ( M/S Motor World, Jamshedpur). Also go to the press and highlight the kind of after sales support Maruti is providing. 
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