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Reliance Digital-Indirapuram

Posted bysangeeta  
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Reliance Digital-Indirapuram
Product/Service DescriptionSymphony,
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintUsability 
Complaint Rating1(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeSanjeev, Sanjay 
Complaint Details

From the very first day when I brought my Gysyer, i have lodged an complaint that my gyser is not working. Now this was an item that was not tested and was provided to me...although i had requested for it... After 1-2 days an engineer came to fix the problem, but was not able to rectify it.
1. The problem was that the power of the gyser was not working....Engineer tried to affix this but was not able to do this. When he said to sign me on the job sheet, I told that I will not sign as I am not satisfied with this because he informed me that theres a problem with the electricity suuply i.e. your board and the water. they also told me that eitheer my gyser will be working or my RO. After that I called again to reliance telling them that I want a replacement..which they denied. This was done on 07.12.08
2. I called my societys plumber and electrician simultaneously as to check on the flow of water and electricity.They told me that the element of the gysyer is not working.
3. Again I called reliance telling them that nothing has been resolved....they again assured me not to worry and will be fine. Two days later again an engineer came and he informed that yes the element is not working and now ew should contact reliance for this. i signed the job sheet and also specifically mentioned that I need a replacement for this.This was done on 14.12.08.
4. After this I again called reliance stating all these things. They told me that it will not be replaced. Only the parts will be done.
5. so, again I went there after 3-4 days when nothing was resolved. in the meantime, my mother was to be taken to the hospital as she was critically ill. Now, this I informed to them, they again told me that now an engineer will come from Symphony (the brand) the next day. I said no, because this is the third time. Also, I had to take her to hospital. if they can come at 10 then can cum. I specifically mentioned not to come after 10.
6. But they came at 1Pm and when I told them...they told that they were only given the time slot of 1pm. They checked it on but was not able to rectify.
7. Till today... i am waiting for a resolution to this problem....plz plz do help me.
Also, i have reported to the Head of teh department of the store, but he ignored me.

Please help me!!


Solution of your complaintThe gysyer should be replaced or I as the winters are going and because the purpose of bying the item has finished...therefore it will be good if I can take something different. 
ActionI have to throw the item as I am not very much irrated 
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