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Club Mahindra

Posted bybhasker saxena 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Club Mahindra
Product/Service DescriptionClub Mahindra holidays
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeAll in chain till head of member relations 
Complaint Details

1. (membership id - 1407811) Mr Shashank told me that we had to give our decision at that time only as it was their 12th anniversary and all offers were valid only for that evening (the total cost of those offers were around 1.5 lakh, as they told us).
4. I was told that i’ll have to pay Rs 2,24,835/- upfront and around Rs 7,500/- per year as ASF (Annual subscription fees) which was in a deal for 7 days holidays every year for next 25 years with special offers for that nigh as follows:
(i) 07 days Holidays complimentary (25+1).
(ii) One Sony Handycam.
(iii) Food voucher worth Rs 3000/-.
5. We thought it to be too good to be “not a cheat” and said no. Then they started with bargaining and next offer was:
(i) 07 days Holidays complimentary (25+1).
(ii) 2 Open jet air tickets one way (instead of Sony Handycam).
(iii) Food voucher worth Rs 4000/-
(iv) Free RCI enrolment ( (international time share company) , (as per them it was costing them Rs 90,000/-).
6. Now we got into trap and asked them what else could they offer as part of the deal? And the final deal on offer was:
(i) 5 days of Club Mahindra holidays complimentary.
(ii) 2 open Jet air tickets one way / Sony Handy cam.
(iii) Food voucher worth Rs 4000/-
(iv) One week international Free RCI holiday.
7. I asked them was this international holiday free of cost absolutely? They replied back that I had to pay “ONLY” for my travel and anything which I ask for as extra. They clearly specified that I didn’t need to a pay anything to RCI as club Mahindra would pay it as part of special offer. Even food was to be paid as per club Mahindra rates (around Rs 450/- for 3 adults per day in a 5 star hotel). And these payment terms were valid for entire duration of my membership with RCI (for three years).
8. Now I asked how to a pay that big amount of Rs 2,24,835/- instantly, as they were hell bent on me taking the membership on same evening saying the special offers were valid for that evening only.
9. They came with one more offer of EMI, in that I had to pay 15% of the amount instantly (Rs 33,725/-) and rest they would convert into EMI of Rs 4,905/-. I didn’t have that much of cash so they gave another offer that they would pay me Rs 4000/- as cash back if I pay using my credit card and this “cash back” would come to me in cheque form within 2 months from that date (15 Oct 08).
10. I paid the amount and they gave me a kit. I was told that i would get a verification call within 3 days. After 5 days I called up to check they said another 2 days. Time line kept increasing till 26 Oct like this, but my credit card was debited on 16 Oct 08. Finally they told me they can’t verify as it was their closing time and i needed to be “patient” till first week of Nov 08. I left Lucknow as my leave finished. But I kept following these guys.
11. Finally I got first welcome call on 30 Oct 08 (interaction – 001 – 043 – 725, on their records) and there were gross errors. Things which were missing were 1 week RCI international holiday, 2 air tickets, Rs 4000/- cheque, 1000/- Food vouher. She told she would update and get back to me. At the welcome call i told the girl on other side of phone to check about start date of EMI (supposed to be 07 Jan 09), she said she would call in 2 days, but I never got any cal, even after speaking to ppl at Branch office, leave aside the outlet who trapped me into it.
12. On checking my profile on their web site i found that i could avail their holidays only after Jun 2010(as per their company policy), which was never disclosed to me while i was being explained all that. They told me that i could start with my holidays instantly.
13. Finally I had sent the email to their Managing Director (, Head of Member relations (, after giving a warning to branch officers that I was going to raise the level now, on 08 Nov 2008. (Printout of email attached as attachment ‘C’)
14. I got a call and email from someone from their head office who claimed to be their head of member relations but they all were defending their own case instead of trying to solve my problem of a case of miss selling of the membership by fraud. He told me he would take care of things and I should “bury” the matter and should not move to consumer court or cancel my membership.
15. The problem remained the same as it was when I received my welcome kit. It had all those mistakes. So I again contacted “customer care” but they kept passing me on and on. I again put my grievances on email to head of member relation and to the website (printout attached as attachment ‘D’) (interaction 001-129-192). I wanted to cancel my membership but as per their terms and I conditions I needed to cancel it within 10 days of making payment, whereas they sent me the copy of terms and conditions with welcome letter (photocopy attached as attachment ‘E’)after around 40 days of payment itself. There was no way I could have found out this rule unless I got it. When I asked them to cancel my membership they flatly told me that I won’t get my money back, as per “their” company ruling.
16. Ms Shipra spoke to me on phone on behalf of club Mahindra and told me she would send me another “amended” welcome letter, correction all mistakes. Which I received on 22 Dec 08, signed as on 19 Dec 08 (Photocopy attached as attachment ‘F’). I again sent an email to them on 22 Dec 08 telling the mistakes in their “amended” welcome letter (printout of email is attached as attachment ‘G’, interaction – 001-129-192). The mistakes were:
(a) It stated that my RCI membership would be done within 30 days of 15% of payment and I would get my membership card within 45 days but it was already almost 70th day...
(b) Special offer said that I need to avail my international holiday by 31 Dec 08, when it was signed as on 19 Dec 08 and delivered on 22 Dec that possible....? Or was it a joke to me?
(d) It said I would get my open air tickets within 45 days of 15% of payment; again I had already crossed 70 days....
17. They didn’t respond even after my repeated reminder on telephone to customer care and email and I got same answer every time “we have forwarded your complaint on HIGH priority to concern dept, you would get a call back within 48 hours” which never happened!!
18. On 26 Dec 08 when I opened up my feedback page I found that they had changed the status of my complaint from “open” to “resolved”, without even talking or resolving the big of a cheat they are!!
19. Even till today I have not received any RCI membership no or ID, nor the air tickets, nor the Rs 4000/- cheque, for which now I have been told to wait till Jan 09 first week (only for cheque, for rest all, I am still waiting for a reply).
20. I have emailed them no of times for cancelling my membership but no response.

Solution of your complaintreturn my money back with interest... and give a compensation of Rs 50,000/- for harresment casused by them 
Actionconsumer care court 
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