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Tata Motors Ltd

Posted byRaghunandan M R 
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Tata Motors Ltd
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Product/Service DescriptionTata Indica DLG 2005
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
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Complaint Details

I have the following problems with my car and the dealers handling it.

Problem Number 1
1. Since the day i bought my car, mileage was 11-12 without AC and 9-10 with AC.

Note: all dealers first commit that the way my engine is running I should get not less than 16-18KMPL mileage.

Solutions from Dealers
1. Prerana Motors Peenya, Bangalore - 3 years of service time to tune the vehicle--- Result : I was told "MY DRIVING IS BAD hence low mileage, Nothing Company can do"

2. Manipal Motors, 1.5 year of Service on this vehicle - Fuel Injection pump recalibrated - Result: Improved a lot on power and smoothness of drive, but still no use on Milieage.

3 Prerana motors- Hosur road - 3 months of service, Still evaluating and trying 100s of ways to improve fuel economy.

Problem 2.

Headlamp brightens suddenly.

Solution from Prerana - Atlernate was checked and informed me that it is charging perfect and re did some wiring.

Next day, I was 200Kms outside Bangalore and all the bulbs fused out.

road side assistance(in mysore - URS motors) charged me 800Rs for 2 bulbs (400rs in bangalore tata showroom)and 500Rs for labour. all they did was replace bulbs and adviced me to go back to bangalore and overhaul alternator.
I am not sure what prerana did when they said atlernator was fine a day ago. today prerana says alternator is worn and have charged me 4000Rs...


Solution of your complaintI only hope atleast there will be a respose. 
ActionTata cars are my all time fav and that is why i am patient since 4 years.... Now I have reached my saturation... if this complaint is not considered. i will be forced take a stand never to buy Indian cars specially TATA. I have alternate plans which i will think after waiting for resonse from tata 
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