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icici bank

Posted bysunita saluja 
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icici bank
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Name of the Company Employeeicici bank manager, punjabi bagh branch 
Complaint Details

I wish to inform you that I am the citizen of Delhi and operating and account no.12345677898 in the ICICI bank, Punjabi bagh branch for around a decade. I was issued a ICICI bank credit card no.4477473865848001 around 4 years back and I was always paying on time till the day I received the bogus transaction of Rs. 2410-00 paid by the banker on account of my electricity bill.

When I had objected and complaint over the phone and also in writing about the same that I have never authorized anyone to make the payment from my credit card then they promised me to solve the matter through their service agent. But, later on instead of returning this money they had started abusing, harassing and treating me with dire consequences if I do not pay this money.

By then, I started realising that I was struck in the trap of ICICI Bank and they were interested to fetch the money from me without any valid reason but I refused to bow under the pressure and refused to pay the same. I must add here that even during this time I am regularly paying the installments of my car which was financed by the same because my intention were always crystal clear to live my life with honesty and dignity.

My son has recently got an admission in the Australian college and I have saved some money for his future to send him the college fee for him which is due by 10 February 2009. But, the 22 January 09 came to me as the biggest shock of my life when I went to take out the money from my account and I was informed that ICICI Bank has free zed Rs. 45812-00 against the credit card dispute of Rs. 2410.00 which we were fighting for the last two years.

I showed to them all the facts about our correspondence with the bank which mainly include the followings.

1. Fake signature done by the ICICI Bank staff for this authorization of Rs 2410-00, which is absolutely different from the original signature of wife in bank’s record.
2. My official compliant no. lodged with the ICICI Bank.
3. My letters which were sent to the ICICI Bank during last two years to resolve this issue.

They have told me to just leave from the bank and otherwise I will be pushed out by force. When I told them for the legal consequences they said that “we have your money and if you shout then the balance money will also be forfeited”

I am really terrified with this incident and passing through this trauma and depression and have no other way then killing my self after this humiliating defeat and cheating in my life.

I am sure of getting your best possible help and thank you in advance for the same. I have been living my life as an honest citizen of India and I am sure I can continue the same in future.

sunita saluja

Solution of your complaintmy all money with compensation & sorry letter written by the bank with promise that they will not do any crime like this. 
Actionprint media , police & news channels are my next step 
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