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Hyundai/Sanjay Automobile

Posted byCol R G Kadam 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Hyundai/Sanjay Automobile
Product/Service DescriptionAccent GLE EX Car, Hyundai, Reg No-MH14BR613
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeHyundai Customer Relations email address  
Complaint Details

Dear Sir,

1. I have described the behavior at Sanjay Automobile in my complaint to Hyundai Customer Relations through email (cr@hmil .net) dated 07 Jan 2009 with copy to Sanjay Automobile ( (attachement-1 refers). Though I got call apologizing from the salesman at Sanjay Automobile and from Delhi office asking for my car’s chassis number and registration number I didn’t get any reply to my complaint. Yes I did get an SMS giving complaint number, which is 1-16902382. There after on 14 Jan 2009 (attachement-2 refers) I sent another email to them asking for answers to deficiency in service. To this again I got telephonic apology from the salesman but nothing in writing. I further followed with emails on 18 Jan & 20 Jan 2009 (attachement-3&4 refers) urging for some reply from somebody responsible but have received no reply from them till date. To me it seems it’s their attitude in the complete organization i.e. ‘couldn’t careless attitude’ towards the customer once the payment is made as I am shocked at the difference in their behavior before the cheque was given and after it was encashed.

Col R G Kadam(Retd)
366, Sector 27A,
Mob-9764007106, Tele-020-27655706 Email-
Dear Sir,
1. I have just bought a Hyundai Accent (Executive) from ‘Sanjay Automobile Engineers’ Pune and got to give you feedback on the treatment I got at the show room.
2. Following points I would like to bring to your notice-
• During booking I was promised delivery on 02 Jan 09 with the rider that the RTO Office be open on 01 Jan or else on 05 Jan 09. Though the RTO office was open on 01 Jan 09 I was informed telephonically that the delivery will be made only on 05 Jan 09.
• On 05 Jan 09 I confirmed the delivery and the time was agreed at 1630 hours i.e. at 4:30 in the afternoon. On reaching there and enquiring I learnt that the reception had no knowledge about the salesman’s whereabouts nor about the delivery of my vehicle. After waiting for about 20 minutes I realized that there is no response nor any effort made by the receptionist to set the things rolling. They just kept telling me to wait for five more minutes every time I enquired. After some more time I asked to speak to some body senior but they didn’t allow me saying that next senior is coming who never came for next half an hour. I then requested to meet/speak to their manager/owner who they said was not available/ in New Zealand. On my insistence they then deputed another person to process my vehicle delivery.
• All this while I was trying to get in touch with the sales man with whom I was interacting till afternoon on Mobile but his mobile was switched off. Now after almost one and a half hour he got in touch with me on my mobile phone and informed me that he is coming with the vehicle shortly.
• I then being sure that the delivery would be made asked the other salesperson to start completing the paper work. To my surprise the documents prepared were half with my correct name and the rest with incorrect name. In between the original salesperson came and all the documentation was done.
• By now it was almost seven o’clock and I was shown the car and explained various parts etc in mobile phone light.
• Certain feedback forms which they said I had to give them immediately or else the delivery couldn’t be made were signed and given to them. However one form I retained and sent it to you by post today.
• By now I had neither inclination nor the energy to see and understand what they were showing or telling me.
3. I had gone with great expectation after selecting to buy my postretirement vehicle to be a great one but now I dread the treatment during the free servicing and future maintenance visits to Hyundai.
4. I only wish that no body else should go through harrowing experience I went through along with my old parents and my family at the ‘Sanjay Automobile Engineers’.
5. With best wishes.
Yours Faithfully,
07 Jan 2009

Dear Sir,
1. Reference Complaint ID 1- 16902382.
2. Though I got calls from your Delhi office and sanjay automobile apologetic call, I haven’t got any reply to my complaint as yet.
3. Could some body answer the following questions?
• After having paid the full amount well in advance, I was assured delivery on 02 Jan 09, but, postponed telephonically to 05 Jan 09. (The rider was that RTO should be open on 01 Jan which it was). Reason given to me later was - on 01 Jan 09 their showroom was closed. Didn’t they know their own holiday schedule?
• On 02 Jan in spite of confirming the delivery at 1630 hours in the afternoon there was neither the salesman dealing at the showroom nor any information at the reception about the delivery schedule of my vehicle as also of the whereabouts of the salesman(even his mobile switched off) when I reached the showroom. Why no body in the show room was aware of the delivery schedule?
• I had to wait for more than 40-45 minutes to get somebody to tell me about the delivery. Why did the person at the reception kept telling me that somebody is coming shortly for about 45 minutes? I was also told about the senior sales person/ customer relations officer is coming – who never turned up even after the vehicle was delivered.
• Is it correct to mislead the customer to be very polite before payment is made and rude afterwards? Or even to promise leather seat covers and write just seat covers in the booking form and then take that as gospel truth? Salesmanship is OK but will this type of tricks help Hyundai in the long run?
• Excuse for delay given was that they had to make thirty two deliveries that day. But didn’t they know this earlier?
• Could the reason be that the vehicle was used for test drive till the last moment? At least the state of the vehicles upholstery suggests so.
4. I do need to be informed about the authentic explanation from Hyundai about the whole episode and the actions taken, as, I for one do not believe in taking things lying down.
Thanking you.
Yours truly,
Col R G Kadam (Retd)
14 Jan 2009

Dear Sir,
1. Reference complaint No 1- 16902382 and my earlier emails.
2. It’s been long since I lodged my complaint and enough time has elapsed after I asked replies to my direct questions, however, I am still waiting for some reply from Hyundai / Sanjay Automobile. As of now I am getting the impression that ‘careless / care-two-hoots’ for the customer is OK for Hyundai / Sanjay Automobile immediately after the cheque is encashed. So far the Salesman / Senior sales person from Sanjay Automobile has apologized on phone but no one is replying my queries. To me this silence is admission of utter unprofessionalism and excepting mediocrity in the Hyundai / Sanjay Automobile.
3. I am surprised that two individuals from Hyundai called on phone only to get my Car registration Number and the Chassis No. Which I feel was not necessary when I had clearly given mine and the dealer’s name. Hope it is not to identify me as the customer who complaint against the Company and to be sorted out later.
4. As a customer I demand the company to either reply to my queries or accept Para 2 above to me in writing and also assure me that there will be no adverse fallout for me for having being demanding proper treatment or rather not accepting mediocrity/ unprofessionalism.
Thanking you.
Yours truly,
Col R G Kadam (Retd)
18 Jan 2009


Solution of your complaintThe Hyundai Company and Sanjay Automobile should reply to my Email and Apologies in writting for the treatment mated out to me, as also assure me that i will not be victimised during the free servicing & thereafter. 
ActionI will report the matter to every possible consumer forum/news paper and even put bold visible warning on the rear screen of my car against Hyundai/Sanjay Automobile 
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