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Maruti Udyog Ltd

Posted byAnkush Bindra 
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Maruti Udyog Ltd
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Product/Service DescriptionAlto Lxi XFun. Nov 2006
Warranty StatusDo not know.
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Complaint Rating9(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeCustomer care Department 
Complaint Details

Below mail was sent to the email ID on Friday, January 23, 2009 11:18 AM, but no one contacted me from Maruti. What does that mean "They don't care for their Customers"?

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am not the proud owner of Alto Lxi XFun I bought in the month of Nov 2006, Reg. No. HR-51 X 1234(changed from original). I have got the first service done in Rohan Motors Noida which was very satisfactory but afterwards due to shifting of my office I had to take services of Competent, Sector-34, Gurgaon services and my bad time started.
I went there first time (may be 2nd) in the month of Mar 2008 when I faced problem of wrong billing. They billed me for the product never used for my car. These are weights at the time of alignment. But when I raised the alarm they reversed it as in reality there alignment machine was not working. I caught Mr. Kalyan and his in-efficient team red-handed.
Then I was contacted by Mr. Seth (9810734863) from Maruti whom I told about the whole issue, filled up 2-3 feedback forms also. I was billed incorrectly by them. And they offered me a Complimentary car wash, which is nothing against the damage I was getting in terms of lower mileage and damage to the wheels. Still I agreed for the same and trust me I was not at all satisfied with the way treated me and car was not cleaned. A car wash for under 100 Rupees would be much better than this.

In the month of Aug 2008 I went to them second time showing the nut/screw/plastic lock missing from my Car's backside left hand door from inside's upholstery. One of it was missing as this was of the same same color as interior I don't want to spoil it by changing with another one (I bought XFun as my wife liked it when we went ). They assured me they have requested Maruti of the same and once they got it they will call me. This day never came !!! Whom I should blame I don't know. I still have the picture that day as an evidence and your job card will confirm the same. Competent's customer relationship manager Ms. Meena apologized many times over the phone and face to face for all these issues but end result is ZERO.

Now I will tell you the biggest issue to digest for which Competent has already made you the Culprit. I complained them about the problem in the battery in the month of November 2008. I was trying to start my car my I found battery was not charged so I called up people around to push it. Once the car started I opened the caps of the Battery and got shock. Its all empty, I put in the battery water I was using for our inverter. Again after few days same problem happened and people around seen me pushing my car and asking neighbors for their help too.
I went to Competent and told them about the issue. They took it very casually for the first time and told me its NOT OUR DUTY TO CHECK BATTERY WATER AT THE TIME OF SERVICE. I came back I checked with many people and everyone told me that Exide battery used by Maruti can't go down like this, plus this is service center's duty to check every time car comes for the service.
This kind of HARASSMENT happened to me 5-6 times now and now I start the engine every alternate day for 10-15 minutes to keep the battery charged and to make sure when needed my Maruti WILL BE ABLE TO RUN. Last week I forgot to do this and my Sunday started by calling people to do another round of "Dhakka" on my 2 Year YOUNG/OLD Maruti Alto.
I want to know does the battery you guys use is of such inferior quality that it can't even go for 27000 Kms ? Who is culprit Maruti or Exide, of course Not Exide if they didn't bride your purchase officers !!!

I hope you guys will look into it and help me, I can't keep on calling people to push my car this SUNDAY !!!!.


Ankush Bindra
98102 34281

Solution of your complaintReplacement of the battery ASAP 
ActionConsumer Court or any other similar 
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