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Pacific Hills Rehabilitation Center

Posted byKen 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Pacific Hills Rehabilitation Center
Organization e-Mail 
Product/Service DescriptionDrug and Alchohol Rahbilititation Services
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating6(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeKirby & Laura 
Complaint Details

High pressure sales -- "Hurry we are full, if you want to reserve a bed we need a check today."
Send Check - no receipt, no response, no information about schedule, no information on books for the family to read or how to prepare for the process including bringining the person hoome. No Session witht the family on preventing relapse.

Coordinatin with the detox facility was poor. The hospital was not prepared and the admission process was painful and terrifying.

Staff incredibly defensive, more concerned about not being wrong than about listening of fixing the problems. The King has no clotes and is dancing with an elephant. And thinks they are all cool and psychologized. We the concerned, paying, and praying family are meddeling nusances.

Promises: Yoga on the beach, professional well-trained staff. No Yoga period. at $700.00 a day materials were poorly researched, poorly reproduced, and in one case delived by someone who did not know the theory, concepts or application of the models being presented.

AND.... Our loved one kicked the addiction, and it was because of thier desire to be clean and sober that made the difference. So Pacicifc Hill provided the structure. We have our loved one back, sober, and healthy. Thus writing this is doubly painful; Pacific Hills could have don a few things differently and they would have had a huge cheering section.

They could have practiced what they preach -- Step 4 comes to mind. Self-awarness of high pressure marketing and poor customer service could have easily been addressed. Instead anger, denial, control, obfuscation. 

Solution of your complaintBe honest -- say what is true about beds and availability. Include the family as more than those who write checks Provide schedules Provide resources for the family Say what you provide and then provide it. Review and rewrite materials that are out of date or theoretically inaccurate Reproduce materials in such a way as to be readable Hold session in a room that is designed for intense familial session, not a hot garage with a noisy fan If you are coordinating with the hospital then do that. Appoint a Single Point of Contact for the family  
ActionThere is no action to take. Pacific Hills did the core work. It is important to realize that when I complained I was told I should take my person out of the program -- that was dirty pool. Once committed to a course and the addict is in the process changing is not an option. So the threats of removal or even fers of retaliation against our person has stopped me from wiritng this until they were out. 
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