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Complaint Details

I have taken 3 corporate connections with Airtel. One connection is for datacard and the other 2 for voice [mobile].

Per the confirmation received from Airtel executives, I made the bill payment for all the 3 above connections in one single cheque. This means - complete payment and no dues from my side.
Cheque no: 114225, bank - ICICI.

While adjusting the amount for my 3 numbers according to the billed amount, Airtel executives have created a blunder by mismatching the amounts for the 2 connections. This means - one of the connection [voice] shows over payment and other [datacard] shows less payment. The bill stated immediate payment of the previous month due.

In order to get this right, I called up the Customer service centre. I was put on hold for 20 minutes, then the person who put me on hold says - there are techincal issues and I need to call back. This - I understood for the first time that there might be technical issues and I sincerely called back. Now, a different customer care executive picks up the call. I repeat the problem all over again to this executive;. Again the executive puts me on hold for few minutes.
When the executive comes back - she promises that one of her executive will call me back as there is some problem and they are not able to get information. She even gives a complaint number to me to state the same if in case somebody from Airtel does not call me.

I waited for 2 days and no call came. I call back the customer care centre. Now, the same old process repeats. A customer care executives - asks all the possible initial questions they need to ask. I Patiently answer to all those. Then I give the complaint number which was given to me last time. Then this executive puts me on hold stating that it is taking time to open the complaint details. I again wait patiently. Then the executive says - the complaint is still open. When I checked why I did not receive any call that was promised. This executive says - again I have requested the complaint. You can wait for sometime and you will be getting a call.

I still had patience and waited for 2 more days. I call back today and a different executive picks up and asks the story all over again. This time it was much worst experience where the executive was very very harsh toned and was least bothered that he was speaking to a customer who is already frustrated with the service. He simply did not have the patience to listen to what my complaint was. When I asked why there was no call ? Whatever may be the issue at least they had to communicate to me for which this executive says - I can speak only to my computer. I can just tell what the computer is showing. You do what you want, I cant do anything about what you are saying.

Then I ask him to connect me to his manager. He puts me on hold for 20 mins, again comes back and says "manager not available" if you want I can arrange a callback. Now I was really furious and I said this is the 4th or 5th time - the executives are arranging for callbacks and I dont get any calls. For this, the executive is again arrogant and least bothered. He says, I can do only this. I am correct, I am clear. He was literally shouting at me. I had to land up in an argument with him stating that he is talking to a customer and he needs to be soft and sweet in his profession. I even asked him if he was new, and asked him to connect to a colleague or a senior who could assist me. For this another harsh answer came up from him. He said - there are no seniors or supervisors over here. If you want you tell me else just get away. I know I am right, I know I am doing the right job.

Again I was patient in trying to explain what the problem was. I even said that Airtel would simply disconnect if there are less payments or no payments from customer if there is a delay in the date of payment. I even said that I would suffer without the datacard from my profession front for which the executive says - that is your problem. I had to be a little loud and said that profession was my problem and service to the customers was Airtels responsibility. He says - if you want dont pay the bill for the number which is having problem. I said to him that by not paying the billed amount, I would be the sufferer for which he said I dont care.

I even said that I will have to launch a complaint on Airtel for such bad behaviours and bad service, he said - just do what you can. Go ahead and complain on my name also. He even gave his name to me. He said he was not bothered. I dont want to spoil a career of any person, hence I am not taking his name here .

Solution of your complaintFor my current problem - I need immediate rectification of my bills. Also, the connection for any of my mobile should not be disconnected for no fault of mine. I also have a suggestion: Since this is a common trouble faced by most of us while we call such customer care executive, Airtel must take actions to improvise their systems. In fact, not asking repetitive questions to the customer.  
ActionI do not want to mention that now 
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