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Concorde Motors

Posted bykarthikeyan Balasakthivelu 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Concorde Motors
Organization e-Mail 
Product/Service DescriptionTATA Indigo CS
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating8(in a scale of 1 to 10)
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Complaint Details

In my opinion any body who has not owned a maruthi brand car can comfortably buy this car.. I mean about the service. The car cruises @ 160km/hr without any effort without any shake or vibration to the steering. Excellent performance mileage etc., The worst of all is the service, a real pain in your neck. when i took delivery TATA indigo CS TN 22 BB 2750, they gave the delivery in the evening, after 1 week the bumper started fading slight bluish colour, the AC air regulating duct is very loose it never stays in its place even in slight bump it goes up, the clutch was so hard & i took it to the concorde motors the supervisor told i have done some painting work outside, i told it was 1 week old vehicle then they want me to report to the concerned sales person. Finally does it. And after a month the rear bumper starts fading the whole process starts again. What is more painful is the way these people speak. 2 Weeks before going for the first service the vehicle met with an accident and we need to replace the Fr. door and tinkering on the fender. Two weeks later i went there to leave the vehicle for service even at that time there was some small tinkering work due to minor accident and i told them to repair the same along with the service. The Concorde person started teasing me saying they cannot take up the vehicle bcoz it had met with accident. This is where i really went on my nerves, will somebody in my dreams come and say that this month you will meet two accidents. I have paid for the vehicle for my insurance if reqd. will pay for any damages who is he to abuse me. I DIDNT LEAVE MY VEHICLE FOR SERVICE I made a call to Anupam Mishra the head of concord Chennai. He promised me to get the work done and it was done. They said they will rotate the tyres and they changed the stepney. Third service – Before the third service there was no sound coming from the vehicles dash board after the service the AC was discharging heat air then again i went the next day something was not right with the heater they said they will change some parts and now the thermostat doesn’t work the blower started forming ice cubes preventing the air to flow the tyre got worn out in the inner side, I made a wise decision not to go to concord but instead to a brigestone dealer who did a computerised wheel balance. We also have got one more Maruthi 800 car which was purchased two years back before buying the indigo CS we had an esteem the service of maruthi was very very good infact we tried for dezire that was taking more than 3 months for delivery that’s why we bought this indigo cs. You can never compare the service of maruthi (MSM)Maruthi Service Masters - though the vehicles performance is not up to the mark, esteem after reaching 140 km/hr the steering starts wobbling and we feel the vehicle is slightly out of control Indigo CS is superb. Simple, I gave a complaint the boot is not locking properly and there is much difficulty in locking the concord guys without seeing the vehicle they said ALL THE INDIGO CS IS LIKE THAT. Whereas in MSM the supervisor will listen to our complaints and if we are not satisfied they will not deliver the vehicle. Tata motors they keep telling you to give 10 points if any body calls from tata motors HO but they are reluctant to do work. Please remember THIS IS " BUYERS MARKET & we are not living in the 1970's. Because of the poor service customers will teach a lesson...  

Solution of your complaintTreat customers as customers 
ActionYou can never change concorde motors so I cannot do any thing except to write on the net 
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