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BGS fashions Pvt limited

Posted byGarima Gupta 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
BGS fashions Pvt limited
Organization e-Mail 
Product/Service DescriptionCUST ID: 5348421, Bill /TIN no- 09866002551, Silver Kundan jewellery
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintQuality 
Complaint Rating9(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeAsim Khan 
Complaint Details

I bought a silver based kundan set from the BGs jewelley shop (phno-(120)-2454608 / address Shop No 61/62, Nr Great India Place,sec-3, Noida, Noida - 201301), Great India place, unitech mall,noida on 07 feb 09. there was a sale going on in the store. I purchased the kundan jewllery set for 7000 INR. I was not informed that the set is an old/used, i was also not told that all the neck pieces in sale are used. I was informed by one of the salesgirl that they provide a lifetime guarantee on the polish of any jewellery brought from the store, and also that i can exchange the jewelley at half the price any time i like. infact they made a claim that all the jewellery pieces were made on pure silver metal, but later i discovered that the claim made was an absolue fallacy infact pieces only had 50-60% of the silver metal. the sales girl sweet-talked me into buying the set but never mentioned that the set was used/second-hand. happily, I bought the set for rs 7000 and paid the same thorugh my HDFC debit card, unaware of the fact that the set was used and was exchanged by somebody. Sales girl suggested that i get the set polished (which would take approx 3 weeks) but since i had to wear the set in a family function on 25th feb 09 so i told her that i will get it polished later. Happily, I brought the same home and the very next day i found that the nearly all the kundan pieces were tarnished and faded. tough, the set was sparkling bright under the high-intensity white light in the showroom, it looked relatively dull under the bright day light. I called the manager of the store, instantly and complaint about the same, the manager asked me to bring the set next day saying that he will have to see the set to entertain my request.I took leave from my office and I took the set to the store the very next day. But the manager refused to exchage it or even refused to admit that the set was tarnished and had defects he kept saying that the jewellery has no defect, while one can easily judge that the piece was all tarnished and faded. If seen in daylight, one could have easily seen the defects in the two earrings, one earring was shining while the other one was tarnished. in fact the manager asked me to get it replaced in half the price( i bought the set 36 hrs ago only and never ever used it because the quality was so bad). the set was absultely un wearable during the day light. I requested him by saying that I did not wear the set and one can see the defects in sunlight away from the bright lights in the showroom. he refused to listen to my pleas and offered that i get the set polished and started to blame me that i did not check the set at the time of buying. he also revealed that they do not sell new jewellery pieces on sale. All the pieces on the sale were either used or exchanged by other customers. my mother (age 50) was accompaying me and she also made repeated requests to the manager. we did not even ask them to return the money we just wanted to get the piece exchanged. After repeated pleas for about an hour he said that hewill accept the jewellry but deducted Rs 1200 on the same (but we were never told the reasons for the deductions) .by this time already a much scene was created, I was crying (because of the rude behaviour of the manager who wwas not ready to listen to our genuine pleads) and also we were standing since an hour and mother was already feeling tired. to all this, we had no choice but to suffer a loss of 1200 rs. and exchhange the piece. i was asked to buy some jewellery for rs 5800 (in excahge of set which was bought 36 hours ago for rs 7000) now kindly tell us what was our fault we were not even informed that the jewellery that we bought was second-hand and also that the company will refuse to even exchange the tarnished non-wearable piece at its full cost.

Solution of your complaintafter repeated please our set was excahnged but after deducting rs. 1200. the set was absolutely un-wearable. most of the kundan pieces were tarnished. Despite of our repeated requests the store manager refused to pay heed to our request blaming us that we did not check the piece while we bought it. also he insisted that we keep the set and he will get it polished for free but when we enquired that whether polishing will remove the tarnishing on the piece he refused and repeatedly said that we will have to keep the same set or we will have to get it exchanged in half the price. he was also rude in the manner he talked. at one point i was crying because of the way he was handling us repeatedly blaming us and saying that if was all our fault that we did not check the piece while buying. the piece was absolutely shing under the bright lights of his showroom were was looking absolutely faded and dull outside. we have suffered the agony, baseless charges of being care less and a loss of Rs 1200 and Rs 150 for conveyance from our homw to mall. Plus I took leave from the office just to take the defected set to the showroom. We suffered loss both in term of self-respect and money. its my humble request to kindly look into the matter and take appropriate actions against such jewellery showrooms that do not disclose the correct information. dont we have the right to know that the product that we buy are new or old. can any one sell us an old used product by coaxing that it is brand new. I have all the reciepts/cash memos (CUST ID: 5348421 TIN no- 09866002551)of both the old set as well as the new jewellery that I got in exchange of the set. kindly help us and save me and others from such fraud jewellers who trick the customers into buying the fake/used stuff. we atleast expect that we are reimbursed of the unneccessary deductions that were made in exchange of the jewellery  
Actionwill go to consumer court  
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