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IT Student

Posted byTushar Mathur 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
IT Student
Product/Service DescriptionCompaq V3424AU
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintReliability 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company Employee 
Complaint Details

Dear Sir,

1. This is to inform you that I had purchased COMPAQ PRESARIO V3424AU Serial number 2CE72603CX on 23 Aug 2007 vides Case Reference Number 2605176734 from BABA InfoTech Pvt. Ltd . Pune, Maharashtra. Being an IT student and pursuing my IT course from AIT, Pune, I had purchased this set of piece purely by the repute that the company has gained over the years.. But to my astonishment and disbelief, this set of piece has given me the following problems on the approximate period as mentioned against each, because of which I am unable to cope up with my daily practical classes due to non-availability of the laptop besides the mental harassment that Vintec Service Centre has given to me :

Problem Faced
Repairs Carried

Over heating & no display
Sep 07, 10 days
Motherboard Replaced

No Display
Jan 07, 15days
Motherboard Replaced

No Display
Jan 07 (Day of collection), 15 days
Motherboard Replaced

Black Dots on Screen
24 Apr 08, 10 Days
Display Panel Replaced

System Corrupt
8 Jun 08, 2 Days
Driver Installation

No display (Task No. 5328)
7 Jul 08, 20 Days
Motherboard Replaced

No Display (task No. 10054)
10 Jan 09, 20 Days
Motherboard Replaced

No Display (task No.10513)
28 Jan 09, Still There
Current Case

2. Notwithstanding above, on 23 Aug 2008, I was suggested by your service centre that since the particular piece that has been sold to me seems to be defect prone, then I should extend my warranty for which they charged Rs 4500/- , the proof of which is as mentioned below. Later on I came to know that HP had extended the warranty for HP Pavilion dv2000/dv6000/dv9000 and Compaq Presario V3000/V6000 Series Notebook PCs - HP Limited Warranty Service citing the reason as Manufacture Defect.

HP 1y PW Return Pav/Presario Notebook SVC, Ordered U4818PE

3. It may be noted from above that in just 17 months of purchase, the piece that has been sold to me has already been to your service centre eight times thereby making it unavailable to me for more than approx 150 days. This has not only resulted into a mental agony to me but has also resulted into a loss of many practicals and projects that I had been assigned by my instructors. 

Solution of your complaint Considering the recurring faults that are being incurred in the machine that they have sold me and the loss that I have incurred. I demand the following, exercising the customers rights that I have been granted by the law : (a) Immediate replacement of the defective piece that has been sold to me with a better piece since whenever I gave the piece to the service centre for repairs, every time they replaced the motherboard and hence the problem seems to be recurring in nature and never ending. (b) Refund of Rs 4500/- that has been wrongfully charged by your service centre from me.  
ActionAs I am protected by Consumer Protection Act (1986) and any deviation from the demands as per para 3 above will force me to file a petition against the company completely at their expense and the cost.  
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