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Cambay / Neesa Leisure Limited

Posted byDheeraj 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Cambay / Neesa Leisure Limited
Product/Service DescriptionFamily Holidays membership
Warranty StatusDo not know.
Complaint Details
Reason for Complaint 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMr. Dipendra Sharma 
Complaint Details

I have paid Rs. 17736/- to their holidays membership. At the time of explaining the membership your agent Mr. Sumit Sinha and Mr. Shamshad told me that you can cancel the membership any time if it is not used by you even a single time. They have taken more than two hours to explain the membership.

I gave first installment of Rs. 8868/- on the spot but I did not receive the membership agreement paper at that time. They told me to give the agreement when I will give the second installment which I gave on 03-11-2008 by cheque. Mr. Shamshad collected the cheque from my place and handover the document to me.

Hence, I got the document on 03-11-2008. Therefore, I came to know about the exit option which was not revealed to me at the time of explaining the membership on 28-09-2008. Therefore, I was not aware about the exit option i.e. the cancellation of policy within the period of 10 days from the date of agreement, In fact, I came to know about this after 36 days. Initially they agreed to refund and made me to wait for almost 3 months. And now they are pretending that I made a request for cancellation after 10 days, which is due to their fault and they are hiding this truth.

These people misguide the customers and trap them like this. Daily, these people are making fool of customers like me and trapping them to make money.

I was communicated that if you will not use the membership and will desire
to cancel it any time in future, we will refund your paid amount in 20

But it happened almost 3 months, I did not get any proper response. They accepted to give me refund but not paying. I have the proof as an SMS in which their GM Mr Dipendra Sharma accepted to refund my paid amount.

And now when I call them to ask the status of my refund, then they shouts at me and use slang language.

They boasted me saying we will not give your money back do whatever you can do.

Now, They have the intention to not to give my money back. They ditched me
and daily they are making fool of many customers like me.

Now, I have filed a case against them in consumer court. Please be aware of this type of organizations.

Thanks and Regards
Dheeraj Chhabra 

Solution of your complaintThey must accept their faults and refund my paid amount. 
ActionI will make the people aware of this fraud company by all means. 
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