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Tata Motors Ltd

Posted byDr Jayesh Kakar 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Tata Motors Ltd
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Product/Service DescriptionTata Indica Xeta bought on 31st August 2008
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintReliability 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeSunil Reddy, Sambaiah, Thirumala 
Complaint Details

Dear Mr Tata,

This is reference my earlier complaint about a Tata Indica
Xeta car purchased from your company on 31st August 2007. Apart from the complaints listed below, further problems have been hopefully rectified in the recent past. Pls go thru the January 2009 list at the end.

As stated earlier, the car has been given immense trouble from
the 6th month after purchase. As listed chronologically below :

1.11th Feb 2008 : Engine coolant leakage for which a seal
thermostat was replaced

2. 19th March 2008 : Drive Shaft LH replaced

3. 2nd May 2008 :The RPM was getting stuck and the engine was
stalling : For this the spark plugs were replaced

4. 9th May 2008 : The problem of engine stalling was not
resolved : the throttle body was replaced.

5. 29th May 2008 :The problem persisted : T-map sensor and
Vehicle speed sensor was replaced.

6. 13th Aug 2008 : The engine noise went up : all belts were

7. 14th Oct 2008 : The left front suspension was damaged and
the kits were replaced.

8. 24th & 29th Oct 2008 : The suspension noise was still there
: the right front suspension was repaired and kits replaced.

9. 29th Oct 2008 : Engine oil was leaking and the packing or
something was replaced.

10. From 22nd Jan 2009 to 6th Feb 2009, the car was with Concorde motors Hyderabad . The front right shock absorber, shock absorber kit, engine oil pump and other parts were replaced. This apart from the noise of the Air Conditioner pulley which was demonstrated to your engineer Mr Sunil Reddy and he agreed that it is there. This noise had decreased when the car was delivered back on 6th Feb. It has restarted along with the original problem of the Engine RPM fluctuating.

11. This is apart from the shoddy job done by Concorde Motors regarding overhauling the suspension and not doing an alignment after that, leading to extreme wear and tear of the tyres.

All these episodes are apart from the 4 or 5 times that the car has been
taken for the above mentioned problems and sent back with no improvement. The car has been in the garage almost every second month since the past one year.

As of date, the AC noise is still there, the engine is still rough,
the stalling is still occurring though not as frequently.

The inordinate delays in replying to my requests and queries makes me feel that Tata Motors employees are basically trying to reach the time when the car shall be out of warranty and you as a company can wash your hands of all responsibility for your products. If after such proofs also you say that there is noting wrong with the car, I do not know what to say after this except approach the appropriate Consumer Protection Court and of course inform the Indian Medical Association and The Association Of Medical Consultants of Mumbai and mails to doctors and other contacts throughout the length and breadth of the country. Hopefully this would would prevent further doctors being swindled by your Renowned company.

You may take this as a notice to you and your company to replace the car within the next seven days after which I shall be taking appropriate action.

Thanking you for all the trouble you and your car has caused,

Dr Jayesh Kakar
Consultant Surgeon
Web :
Tel : +91-9966668283 

Solution of your complaintReplacement of car or complete Money back as well as damages 
ActionAm going to consumer court as well as sending mails, smses, mailers to about 30000 doctors as well as informing the Indian Medical Association & Association of Medical Consultants Mumbai, so that more people do not get taken in by Tata Motors. When in 3.5 Lacs they produce such shit, we can imagine what Ratan Tata will give in Rs 1 Lacs 
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