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Posted byHarsha Punjabi 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Product/Service DescriptionHarsha Punjabi pk/008398. package no. 060629001
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintReliability 
Complaint Rating8(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeSrushti sawant 
Complaint Details


I was getting sms from VLCC on my mobile to avail their beauty treatments with a discount of 50% since last one year. After enquiring from some of my colleagues I finally ended up their to enquire about my hair treatment.

Srushti Sawant convinced me to take 15 sittings for my hair treatment and then she promised that I will get tremendous results. As my hairs were quite rough I went and gone ahead with her sugession. Although she tried to convince me to go for face treatment as well, however i refused as the treatments were very costly. I thought let me just try one treatment and see the results. They took 15000 rupees from my 20,000 monthly salary as a one time payment. She gave me 35% discount which was not convincing, so she gave me complementary slimming package worth Rs 5000.

Later VLCC sold me some three products to be used for hair costing Rs 1000. Two sittings went fine, after that I suddenly started getting lots of dandruff. It increased to the stage that My head scalp started coming out. The situation became worst and worst. I started straching my head day in and day out due to irritation in head. Ever if i moved my head the dandruff used to fall on my eyes.

Till that situation my 6 sittings were over. I stopped the treatment as I was worried about my condition.

I stopped all VLCC products and treatment immidiately. Then I used Amway oil as suggested by my old parlor. In one and a half month my situation and hair scalp improved. I started using my old shampoo and conditioner.

Now after two months I went to VLCC as my 8 to 9000 rupess are stll pending. I asked them to refund my money, which they refused.

Then I asked to give me hair Rebonding as one time service to cover my cost, as i have lost complete trust in them. Which also they refused again. They are telling me to continue with the same treatment which I dont want to continue. Their product has caused so much damage to me already. How can I let them use the same products on me again.


Harsha Punjabi

Solution of your complaint Please help me get my money back OR I can go for this hair styling and Rebonding of hairs as one time service. As this was my lifes worst and costliest treatment i had in VLCC. I already enquired from Srushti about this in our first meeting in sep 2008, where she gave me the cost of Rs 6 to 7000. I have even not utilized that complementary slimming package of 5000 + 7000 worth of this package.  
ActionI will complaint in their Delhi office first. Then I will write to some Media channels to help me. 
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