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ICICI Lombard / TTK Healthcare Services

Posted byRajendra Natwarlal Ladda 
Organization / Product Details
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ICICI Lombard / TTK Healthcare Services
Product/Service DescriptionInsurance Claim Policy No. 4063/FHR/0350/1602/00/000
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Complaint Details

Dear Sir,

My ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Policy Number is 4063/FHR/0350/1602/00/0000

I have made 3 claims related to my Heart Problem followed by Angiography and Bypass Surgery to TTK Health Services who the TPA of ICICI Lombard Health Insurance.

Please note that my claim numbers are as follows

Please note that I received a letter from TTK saying that there was some shortfall of documents in one of the claims. The documents requested in the letter were not at all originally required, but still I provided all the necessary documents hoping for some positive action from them. They received my shortfall documents on 29th Jan 2009 and told me that it takes 7 working days to process those documents. I waited till 6th Feb and then starting from 7th Feb I have been calling them every alternate day and they tell me that the documents are under process. They always say that I should get some answer in 2 days. This way I have lost another 1 month and still I am not getting any positive reply.

I hope to solve this problem by reporting this to you.

Thank you very Much. You can also call me at 09422408242. 

Solution of your complaintImmediately send me payment of the claim. 
ActionLegal Action 
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