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Posted byJOHN PETER.M.P. 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Product/Service DescriptionZen Tofu 200 gm packet
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
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Complaint Rating1(in a scale of 1 to 10)
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Complaint Details

My name is John Peter and having permanent address at No. 6, Bethel House, Arumugham Street, Palavanthangal, Chennai- 600 114. My card Number is 2266111143035693. I am one of the Regular Customers of your Reliance Fresh ever since the date of its opening at Nanganallur, Chennai. Per se I have purchased three items on 23 February 2009 at about 9.45 a.m. Since one of the items namely Zen Tofu 200 gm. Worth Rs.32 found with bad and rotten smell after its opening unlike its usual quality, I have immediately went back to the shop at Nanganallur Branch, Chennai- 114 and after showing the item, requested for change of other Zen Tofu 200 gm. Although a girl attended there was about to give exchange after considering its quality and entered the same in the computer placed for that purpose, a person ( his name not known to me but I know his identification) intervened and prevented from getting genuine exchange and told that I should have brought the Zen Tofu 200 gm packet without opening it and further told that for the said item exchange will not be entertained. Since the quality of the subject item could not be identified without opening, I requested for necessary exchange. But that person shouted, misbehaved with disrespect and threatening words. Further he started to throw money from his purse by saying, am I to pay from my packet for the item. I asked him to give due respect to the regular customer and to deal peacefully and asked to understand the real complaint and to give exchange. He discarded the request and continued to quibble and gabble for about 15 minutes. Further I asked him whether he wants me to come further to the shop or not?. Instead of doing his duty for which he was there, he shown interest in his continuous talking by exceeding the limit and traveled out of subject. He specifically told to “use the item and eat and nothing will happen. If anything happens you come and tell me.” Thus he made to waste my hard earned money, valuable time and frustrated the purpose for which I have purchased the said item apart from your staff specifically made me to sustain unbearable mental agony.

I never expected person appointed by you behaved like this and further refused to entertain the genuine exchange request made by me. Painfully I have returned back. While coming out of your store, your subordinate laughed. Kindly note the behaviour. Pertinently, your person even for courtesy not asked either to return my hard earned money of Rs. 32 or come forward to replace the item against the returned item with nonstandard quality. I do not know what happened to the Zen Tofu 200 gm packet returned by me and is still under the custody of that person who misbehaved with out having basic quality of how to deal with and approach the customers. Is it compulsory to use item without returning the same although the said item is bad and not in standard quality gives decomposed smell.
Because of the respect towards your reliance group, I have not immediately preferred possible police complaint against that concerned staff. To avoid displeasure to your concern, purposely on that day avoided to prefer complaint with expectation that my genuine complaint will be considered by you.

I am making this complaint to you to treat this as important and make necessary and immediate arrangement in the manner possible for you to direct your subordinate to enable me either to get back Rs.32 or to give exchange for that returned Zen Tofu 200 gm packet. Specifically place person who knows to behave with standard with the customer who are coming there to purchase things against their hard earned money. My expectation is to the extent of getting either my money with out adding any further money or to get replacement of Zen Tofu 200 gm packet. It is none of my duty expecting to correct the concerned staff who not having basic and mandate behaving quality. But in case of failure or delay in considering my genuine instant complaint within a week, proper legal actions will definitely be initiated against your staff responsible for your concern in the court of law with my local jurisdiction,
1) For recovery of Rs. 32/-.
2) Necessary complaint for deficiency of service
3) Appropriate criminal action for misbehaviour action by way of criminal complaint in the Local police station and by filing private complaint in the Magistrate court and before the Human rights commission for its necessary action and decision.
I specifically hereby request you to disclose his name and particulars to initiate mandate legal action in case of your refusal to comply with my above reasonable demands.

John Peter. M.P.
(One of the customers)

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