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Posted byAparna R Madhavan 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Product/Service Descriptiondenial of reimbursement - MXPEK15412
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeEMIRATE staff Milan, Dubai and Bangalore 
Complaint Details

I traveled on 26/09/08 from Bangalore to Milan (via Dubai).
MXP EK 0093/26
DXB EK 0519/26
But my luggage did not arrive on the same flight.

For 2 days I had repeatedly called the local emirate Milan office to track my baggage status as none of the emirate staff had contacted me regarding this. On the 3rd day I was given a number of the courier office which was assigned to deliver the baggages, when called they said they would deliver it only the next day as their trip to the Milan city for the day is over. Finally my luggage arrived on the 4rth day around late evening. This is the summary of what actually happened.

Kindly note that the purpose of my visit was purely business and I was stuck without any proper outfits. After inquiring with the emirate staff on arrival, I was assured that I could make purchases until my baggage was delivered and the amount would be reimbursed later. I reconfirmed this twice later before making any of my purchases. Milan is a very expensive city and I had to buy formal wears, without which I really couldn\'t have attended my meetings (which was the sole purpose of my visit).

Now is the part of Humiliation I had to go through and is still going on (fighting for my reimbursement). When I called later to reimburse the amount, the Emirate staff- Milan said I will have to go all the way to Rome, and the staff gave me several other numbers, which passed me onto another set of numbers and this went on. Finally after loads of rude encounters with emirate staff, one decent staff said I would be eligible only for 100$ (when I had to spend around 350EUR, all purchase were made only after confirming with the staff) since as per records I received my baggage within a day. When I told that I have proof that I received it only on the 4rth day, the Milan Staff told me that I can reimburse it only at Dubai while returning as that was the point where the baggage was held. When I finally reached Dubai, the Emirate staff took a written complaint from me (which I realized later was only a formality). They then asked me to contact Bangalore, since I started my trip from Bangalore. Finally when I contacted Bangalore they told me the same old lie, that I received my baggage within a day.

I wouldn\'t have contacted regarding reimbursement if it was only a matter of a day. But this was a case of 4 days. And to top all that the extreme rudeness and irresponsible behavior of the EMIRATE staff. And calling their customer a lair in order to save their back.

I am still waiting for their response. 

Solution of your complaintreimburse my full amount of 4 days. 
Actionlegal move, bring it to the consumer court, make it public in all ways, will stop all the future bookings in emirates from my office, and discourage all known regular flyers, will do whatever it takes and will never stop fighting for my rights 
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