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Posted byAmeen Khan 
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Product/Service DescriptionAir Tel Online payments
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Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
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Name of the Company EmployeeSyed Abubakar 
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Hi there,

I tried to make an online payement to one of my Airtel bills and it failed due to some issues related to Aitel web.

I tried calling the customer care on this and they told me to try after some time, which i tried and tried and tried ........ just waste of time. ( this happened on 27th Feb 2009, from 10 Pm to 12 Am )

I tried very next day i.e. 28th Feb.. this issue seem to continue. called the customer care again, got the same solution ( try after some time )... Bull-shit the Aitel cutomer care executive are well trained to miss guide the customer nothing else.....

Today, 3rd Mar, 2009.. I tried again and was frustrated and called the Airtel Customer care and asked to transfer the call to the Manager, Syed Abubakar got on line... He says the same but in a diffent way ( to show the diffrence between a customer rep and manager ). He suggested me to make the payment in different mode as if customer knows all the details instead of the customer care.

I asked Syed, if the issue was with the site from three days then 1>why the error meesage on the web doest guide the users to make the payment in other modes? 2>And why doesnt the website say that the web interface in down for some crap reasons.3> why the customer care reps are not aware of this?

I demanded Syed to provide me the interaction ID for the calls in made, for which he says they dont have any. I said that I used to receive the interaction IDs earlier. Now he asks me to provide him one of the IDs that I had received earlier.

After a long coversation which he could not answer my questions, gave me the ID < 508354930>.


Pathetic service I have ever received so far in my life.


Solution of your complaint1> Cutomer should not be misguided. 2> Customer reps should be trained with the softskilsl to talk to there customers in polite way. 3> Any web issues sould be notified to the users on the web, instead of users calling customer care.  
Action1> Well let me see what action would the Organization take.. 2> I am not sure whether this will be read by the concerned person 1st. 3> What all I can do is to spread the news of worst customer service by AIRTEL. 
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