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Maruti Udyog Ltd

Posted byBalram Bansal 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Maruti Udyog Ltd
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Organization e-Mail 
Product/Service DescriptionDL2CAK 0982
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintPerformance 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMr. Shidarth 
Complaint Details

Address of Dealer : - Competent Automobiles Co. Ltd., 19 Shivaji Road, Delhi
Phone : - 25928335, 25928330

Description of problem
This is the first experience of my MARUTI car purchase as somebody says that "first impression
is the last impression" but with maruti we have got the BAD impression I don’t know what to tell
but in nutshell we have got waganR PHOBIA.
I have purchased WaganR on 7th Dec 2008 after that I found some starting
problem in the car on 9th December 2008, self starter enable to start the car (self start motor did
not rotate and producing some sound called “tuck” every time I gave self). Then
I called the sales person (Mr. DAS) of competent motors, Shivaji road Delhi from where we have
purchased car they came and checked the car and asked us to take it to service centre but we
argued and said them to take it by you, finally they agreed and tow the car for repair and repaired
it. Problem described by service centre was ‘the self start burnt and we replaced it’ but I don’t
kwon whether they really did this or just did some repair to sort this problem. Solution took two
days and car repaired on 12th.
After that I again encountered with the same problem on 16th December 2008 and again called
the same person now they asked us to tow the car to the service centre. Now we were helpless
and try to pull the car but failed. Then tried it with ‘dhakka’ and failed, after the three or four
attempts, I tried it with self start it started now and we took it to the service centre they checked
the car thoroughly and said it has some loose connection of battery and ground of starter. They
repaired it and car starts working fine. We got our car repaired car on 20th December 2008.
After that on 28th of December 2008 we were on long trip to Mathura
from Delhi we parked our car outside the hotel and in the morning when we tried to start it
chocked and not taking self “The same problem described early happened again this time also”.
We confused and helpless and tried to start car moving it (Dhakka) it started after 3-4 attempt,
once it started with force but now it start taking self fine as it was in normal condition.
By seeing this I decide to complain into your office so that some is there
to listen our problem and I called them Maruti helpline (Ph. 18001800180) on 31st December
2008 (Complaint no is ‘6301328496’), after waiting 4-5 days there were NO reply, I decided to
call again and I called them again on the same no. for asking about the complaint. They were
answer less and said ‘we will forward the complaint again’ and forward the complaint again and
asked me to call to regional office for the status of call and I did the same and called the regional
office (Delhi regional office No. 46781000). I have got the reply from regional office that “we
don’t listen complaint did to helpline no. 18001800180. We only listen complaint which did to
region office I got angry but calm down and again registered the complaint to the regional office
on 9th January 2009 (Complaint no. 20090109) and name of person attended the call Tanveet.
On 31st December 2008 my first service is due and got done it by the same service centre
Competent Motors so that no other person touch the car and Competent Motors got excuse for
After 2 days on 11th January 2009 car again choked with the same
problem and this time we called Maruti Road help lines service as we stuck between the way to
rohini from Uttam Nagar (My residence). Service engineer took 1.15 hour to come and repaired
the car by saying that ‘ relay connection are loose’ and suggested us to take the car to the service
centre for the repair of car’s relay and next day we visited service centre and got tighten the
Relays and came home. This time they did repaired outside the service centre and NO job card is
opened for this, so there is no proof for this but surely Road help line people having this proof as
they not down all the visits in there dairy.
After this 24th January 2009 again got the same problem. I really
frustrated with the most reliable Maruti Car. We don’t know what to do and what the exact
problem then called Maruti helpline and got the car repaired. He did nothing except some general
check and car start working fine as before. [I wrote a mail on 24th January to you regarding
the car problem and narrated whole story (Copy of mail attached) in mail and till the date
29th January NO reply] I again confused and not able to diagnose a problem. He suggests us to
take it to DD Motors Pera ghari but didn’t take car there as fighting for the solution is with
competent motors. I took the car to competent motors and narrated the whole story again (which
is they already know) and behaving like that they know nothing. I shouted ‘How many times this
problem will occur and how much will you take’, for this he (Pradeep Sharma a ‘service
manager’) answered ‘this problem will occur and we will repair it but don’t know how much
time it will take’ whenever problem comes come to us will repair it, but I asked how many times
the same problem will occur don’t you have any permanent solution for this as the car is NEW
there should not be such a problem but he said come to us we will solve the problem. I don’t
know how much time it will take. I have requested them for checking car thoroughly with the
experienced service engineer and on 24th January they did general check up and on 27th they did
some ‘FLYWHEEL’ repair (which should not be a problem in the new car).
Again I encountered with the same problem on 1st February 2009. We
again took the car to the service centre (competent Motors) on 2nd February 2009. I left the car
for almost 2 weeks they thoroughly checked the car and replaced following as mentioned in Job
sheet ( MOTOR ASSY Starting, Harness assy no. 5, Starting Motor(self) assy R&R , Ignition
Switch assy R&R, Wiring no.5/Eng Wiring Harness R&R)
On 15th I again encountered with the same problem and I talked to Mr. Menon
(service Head in Competent Motors) regarding this and they again asked to took the vehicle next
day I called regional office where I talked to Mr Shidarth and told the whole story and they also
asked to took the vehicle to the competent motors but I didn’t thinks the problem solution lies in
taking vehicle again and again to the service centre. I refused to took the vehicle as I had some
urgent work. I manage to start the vehicle by ‘Dhakka’.
Yesterday (2nd March) the problem again occur Now car is parked at my residence with the
problem and I have talked to everybody but waiting and waiting. 

Solution of your complaintReplacement of my vehicle 
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